Tuesday, January 8, 2019


It all started with this Our Generation kitchen set, in all it's red plastic glory.  I think it was about nine years ago-  I offered buying this as an incentive for my youngest daughter to take the training wheels off her bike.  If I recall correctly,  my tactic worked.

It remained red for many years- until I painted the fridge silver and raised it's height for my diner project several years ago.
The other parts never really received as much attention as the fridge honestly and it ultimately ended up in the basement collecting dust.  But I always thought it had potential, it just needed some retooling.

Here's the part where taking pics along the journey would really have been a good idea, as I'm a little hazy on the exact details of what came apart in what way, since this project was started over a year ago.  I do know the set was held together by screws for the most part. And I remember it being relatively easy to disassemble.

I felt like the parts that were the most useful and worth transforming were the microwave, oven, cooktop and dishwasher.  The oven and dishwasher came together as one sort of what I call a base unit. The countertop and back wall with the clock and window was removed completely.  I was able to reuse the sink, cooktop, knobs, handles, drawers, baskets and faucet.  I do know there was some sawing of plastic at one point, I just cannot remember where.  If you have this set and have taken it apart- and have nothing better to do- can you comment below on it because I'd really love to know how exactly it came apart.

Once I had the base unit free I built a wood frame for it to slide into. You can see the backside of it in the pic below.  I raised it up just a bit to give it some height. Of course everything got a few coats of paint.  I sprayed it on using a satin white from the Rustoleum brand.  To mimic glass for the "windows" of the microwave and the oven I found google images of black/ grey sort of static looking lines and printed them out, cut to fit and glued them on.

I wanted an L shape for the space so I built a second cabinet, mostly from scrap wood lying around (except for the cabinet doors). The wood for the countertop I bought online from a specialty mill because I wanted a specific size and thickness.

The wall is foam board which I love to use because it's light weight, and cuts easily.  I painted it with water based enamel- the kind you paint your own walls with.  It needed several coats for decent coverage.  The paint did make the foam board bend a little so I had to add pieces of wood to the length of the foam board along the top and bottom in the back.  They gave the board a little needed weight and stability and a base to sit upright on. I cut a hole for the microwave and added a window using pieces of trim bought at a home center.

The tile backsplash came from the home center too.  It's the peel and stick variety that easily cuts and bends. I saw it and knew right away it would be perfect for my project.

I painted the counter white and gave it a faux marble look.  Glued the faucet (which is from the AG kitchen) to the countertop with epoxy, as well as the stove top.

The best part is that everything can be easily moved and removed. The wall is not attached to the cabinets so I can disassemble it quickly if I want to change scenes.

I'm already working on my next project- something I have wanted to do for a long time as well- a mantle and fireplace. Hopefully that project won't take quite as long to finish as the kitchen did!  Feel free to comment with questions or message me at pippalookitchen @yahoo.com

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Just a quick post to update for the new year. 

There will be no new items for January 5th....too much holiday craziness in December to get a decent sized menu list together for early January.

My shop will be returning February 5th with a few Valentine treats, breakfast foods, and some good ol' heart warming comfort foods, perfect for this time of year. I will be moving all my items to my own site in late January.  I will update the blog with more info and a link when it goes live.


I also want to share with everyone a project that I have been working off and on for over a year.  Unfortunately I did not take pics, documenting each step along the way, which I realize in hindsight, I should have done because it would have made this post a much more interesting read! I'll definitely be better with my next project.

In my next blog post in the coming days, I will detail what I did and what the pieces and parts are.

Friday, November 30, 2018


Here we go!

December's menu list is short- but sweet.  Items listed will be available in my Artfire shop on the 5th of December at 12:00 noon. Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.


Cheese and Cracker Presentation Board  (1)  23.00
set includes:
-ten poppyseed crackers
-ten club crackers
-block of Cheddar cheese
-block of Swiss cheese
-block of Blue cheese with crumbled piece
-red oak board

Two Cracker and Cheese Dip Set  (2)   18.00
set includes:
-ten poppyseed crackers
-ten club crackers
-bowl of cheese dip
-red oak board

Cheese Tomato Ham & Olive Skewers set of Two  (11)   11.00


Festive Eggnog Set of Two  (5)    9.75

Peppermint Bark Set of Five (8)    8.00

English Toffee Set of Five  (8)     8.00

Christmas Tree Brownies Set of Two  (7)     9.50

Festive Chocolate Mini Chocolate Cakes Set of Two  (7)    6.00

Christmas Eve Treat Set  (11)     13.00
set includes:
-gingerbread man
-decorated tree
-cherry spritz cookie
-chocolate kiss cookie
-sprinkled snowman
-three carrots
-cup of milk
-candy cane

Stocking Stuffer Candy Set  (8)    10.00
set includes:
-chocolate Santa on a stick
-candy cane
-bag of chocolate coal

Double Chocolate Cake  (1)  20.00

Peppermint Vanilla Layer Cake  (1) 21.00

Fancy Bundt Cake  (1)  20.00

Red Velvet and Roses Cake  (1)   23.00

Pumpkin Nut Spice Cake  (1)  21.00

Peppermint and Sprinkles Chocolate Layer Cake  (1)    22.00

Red Velvet Cake with Fancy Frosting  (1)    21.00

Chocolate Log Roll Cake (1)   16.00

Pink Peppermint Candy Chocolate Cake (1)  22.00

Assorted Swirl Lollipops Set of Two  (10)  4.00

Historical Spotlight:
Rum Balls Set of Ten  (2)   5.50

Wanna learn a little bit about the history behind various historical foods?  Check out this post- and a giveaway for a set of my rum balls. One of my favorite blogs, A Peek Into The Pantry, combines love of dolls, history and foods- all in one place!  The perfect combo really.