Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day


Due to some personal and family obligations there will be no new items listed for the month of February. 

However, I will return in March with plenty of Easter and spring inspired foods- both sweet and savory.  Look for an update at the beginning of March with a menu list and hopefully some pics too- all at that time.  I'm hoping to include an historical doll in the spotlight for March as well. 


In honor of St. Valentine's Day I thought I would share with you a recent custom project I completed for a client.  We both love the way it turned out and she most graciously and very generously agreed to share the story and meaning behind the request.

When my client messaged me in early January requesting a Valentine cookie cake - my first thought was- well, yeah! Her request is my favorite kind- the kind where I think- hey why didn't I think of that? I immediately knew it was something I could execute.  

She explained to me that every single Valentine's day for each of the 37 years of their marriage her mother has bought a large heart shaped cookie cake for her dad.  Over the years sometimes her mom would let her help pick out the cookie's design and everyone would share in the treat.  Last May my client married the man of her dreams and she intends to follow the same sweet tradition for her new husband.  I thought it so fun and very sweet that she should want a mini version so that her dolls can enjoy in the Valentine tradition too!

I used the heart shaped pizza pan from American Girl's Pizza Party Set as my base or template.  She can use the pan to serve or to display the cake.  

And by the way...the Blokus game that comes in this set made the price tag for it all worth every penny to me.  It's a tiny version of the real thing- with little block pieces in different colors and a game board that you can actually play the game on!  I've played several rounds with my 11 yr old. Pretty awesome.  

Alright, back to Valentine's Day.  I thought it appropriate that I photograph Samantha with the cookie cake- in spite of a clear lack of cookie cakes around at the turn of the twentieth century.  :) Rather, it's the Valentine aspect and the fancy pink flowers that drew me to choose her.  The Edwardians and Victorians did not invent St. Valentine, nor the idea of giving cards or gifts on one special day.  No, but they certainly did popularize and commercialize it.

Read more here about the history of Valentine's Day.  Probably more than most people care to know about the very ancient lore behind the holiday.

This custom project truly was one of my favorites to date to take on.

As for other custom work- please keep in mind that I am only able to take on custom requests like this - for things I have not featured on my blog or in my shop before.  I have this policy in place and it serves several purposes:  

-keeps me from becoming overwhelmed with requests
-gives potential clients the opportunity to add a unique piece to their doll collection
-frees up my time to experiment on new ideas (even though sometimes they fail miserably)
-gives me the chance to work on projects that I might not have otherwise given thought to

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Putting together menu lists each month is my favorite part of having my Etsy shop.  I tend to have grand and fancy plans for all the foods I want to include. January always seems to get shorted though, given how busy the holidays tend to be.  With only a week or two for prep, I purposely keep the menu list short and sweet.  And this January is no exception...

As always, items will be available first come first served on the 15th at 12:00 noon est.  Quantities that will be available are in parentheses, followed by the prices.

I'm hoping to return to spotlighting an historical doll each month, so I'm starting off the new year this January with American Girl's Kirsten.   


Pioneer School Lunch Set   (8)  15.50

-piece of bread
-wedge of cheese

After Kirsten ate her lunch of bread, cheese and sausage she played tree tag with the others in the school yard. To her that had been the only good part of the school day. In tag it didn't matter that Kirsten couldn't speak English well, because she was one of the fastest runners.

Having just arrived at Aunt Inger's house, after a long journey to America, a very hungry Kirsten from inside the doorway spies fresh bread, a bowl of potatoes, butter and a platter of fresh fish.

Braided Bread Loaf  (3)  10.00

Potatoes Set of Seven    (6)  11.00

Rye Bread Loaf   (4)  9.00

Heart Shaped Cake with Strawberries    (2)  23.00
-eight individual strawberries

Kirsten's mama came in from the kitchen carrying a heart shaped cake that she had made to help celebrate Kirsten's birthday.

Swedish Pancakes Set of Two   (8)   11.00

These traditional pancakes can be served filled with meat, cheese or fruit.   These two are filled with raspberry jam.  Please note that the two pancakes do not separate. 


Valentine Treats Set  (15)  8.00
-five individual chocolates
-heart shaped swirl lollipop

Heart Shaped Swirl Lollipops Set of Two   (4)  4.00

Red Velvet Frosted Brownies Set of Five  (4)  10.00

Chocolate snd Roses Cake with White Fluffy Frosting and Two Slices  (1)  24.00

Chocolate and Roses Cake Slices Set of Two  (3)  8.50

Peanut Butter Lovers Cookie Set  (6)   8.00
-two peanut butter cookies
-two kiss cookies
-two Nutter Butter cookies

Plain Brownies Set of Five  (4)  9.00

Be My Valentine Cookie Set  (7)    7.00

Fancy Pound Cake with Chocolate and Vanilla Frosting and Two Slices  (1)  23.00

Mini Heart Cherry Gelatin  (1)  8.00

Fancy Mini Cherry #1 Gelatin  (1)   8.00

Fancy Mini Gelatin #2  (1)   8.00

Strawberry Parfait  (6)   5.25

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Parfait  (12)  5.25

Red Raspberry & Blueberry Parfait  (6)   5.25

Cookies & Cream Parfait  (10)   5.25

Chocolate Silk Cookie Parfaits  (2)   5.25

If you have any questions about any of the items, or anything else, message me in my Etsy shop, or comment here on the blog.


Sunday, December 6, 2015


I will begin with the reminder that my December holiday items will go live in my Etsy shop this Saturday the 12th at 12:00 EST, and not the 15th, as per usual. I will resume listing on the 15th come the new year.

For December I always try to offer an interesting and varied mix of sweet and savory- and each month I also try to offer something unique that I've never made before.  This has the dual purpose of keeping my interest piqued, as well as my clients'. Often is the case however, plans and projects go awry, and so what I had hoped to accomplish falls short and never makes it to the menu list.  That's why I wait until seemingly the last minute to post menu lists.  Don't want to make promises or lay claim to offering this or that when I can't make it happen.

Below is the final menu list for 2015 with pics and prices.  Quantities that will be available are in parentheses.

~Sweet Things~

Layered Chocolate Mint Bars Set of Two   (10)  5.00

Stocking Stuffer Candy Set   (8)  5.50
set includes:
-chocolate Santa on a stick with decorative ribbon
-candy cane

Nutcracker Chocolates Sets of Three   (5)  4.50

Let It Snow Cookies Set   (12)  10.00
set includes:
-three snowman faces
-two silver decorated snowflakes
-blue frosted snowflake
-three dotted snowmen

Peppermint Bark Set of Six  (8)  10.00

English Toffee Bark Set of Six   (8)  10.00

Fancy Festive Cookie Set  (10)  22.00
set includes:
-three pistachio fingers
-three  jam filled stars
-seven cherry spritz cookies
-four frosted and decorated sugar cookies
-five almond crescents

White Chocolate Pretzels with Dots Set of Five   (9)  8.00

Holiday Sugar Cookie Cut Outs Set of Five with Silver Tray  (20)  7.25

Milk & Cookies Set of Eight (6)  14.00
set includes:
-two chocolate chip cookies
-two Oreos
-two Nutter Butter cookies
-two cups of milk

Cookies For Santa Set of Five  (15)  8.00
set includes:
-gingerbread boy
-candy cane cookie
-peanut butter kiss
-peppermint frosted sugar cookie
-decorated star cut out

 Almond Joy Chocolate Cake with Two Slices   (1)  25.00

Red Velvet Peppermint Cake with Two Slices   (1)  24.00

Candy Cane Layer Cake with Two Slices   (1)  26.50

Triple Layer Vanilla Coconut cake with Two Slices  (1)  23.00

Chocolate Triple Layer Cake with Chocolate Icing and Two Slices  (1)  22.00

Strawberry Topped Chocolate Torte Cake   (1)  20.00

Holly & Ivy Red Velvet Cake with Two Slices  (1)  23.00

Red Velvet Triple Layer Cake With Pure White Frosting and Two Slices (1)  22.00

Festive Chocolate Log Roll Cake  (1)  21.00

Red Velvet & Roses Triple Layer Cake Slices Set of Two   (3)  8.50

Christmas Eve Treats Set   (15)  13.00
set includes:
-decorated snowman cookie
-candy cane
-chocolate dipped and sprinkled heart cookie
-iced round sugar cookie
-chocolate mint leaf cookie
-two carrots for the reindeer
-cup of milk

Mini Cherry Fancy Gelatin  (1)  8.00

Cherry Gelatin  (4)   13.00

Chocolate Confetti Party Cake with Two Slices   (1)  24.00

Pumpkin Roll with Two Slices   (2)  16.50

Holiday Swirl Lollipops Set of Two  (assorted colors)   (20)  4.00

Swirl Lollipops Set of Two (assorted non holiday colors)  (9)  4.00

Holiday Twister Lollipops Set of Two  (8)   4.00

Layered Christmas Gelatin  (1)  17.00

Grace's Holiday in Paris Bakery Goodies Set    (3) 16.50
set includes:
-candy cane
-two pink raspberry filled cream puffs
-six festive macarons- two of each color- pink red green

~Party Foods~

Chunky Party Sub Sandwich Set with Six Individual Pieces   (2)  25.00

Cherry Tomato, Olive & Cheese Skewers Set of Two   (7)  12.00

Ham and Star Cheese Cracker Appetizer Set of Nine   (4)  16.00

Eggnog with Whipped Cream/ Nutmeg/Peppermint Stick  (10)  4.00

~Breakfast Selections~

Gingerbread Boy Pancakes Set    (10)  12.00
set includes:
-two sausages
-gingerbread boy with butter and syrup
-cup of orange juice

French Toast with Two Sausages Set   (10)  9.00

Mini Muffins- Cranberry & Blueberry Set of Six  (6)  13.00

~Holiday Dinner Selections~

Whole Roasted Turkey with Garnishes (3)  43.00
set includes:
-whole roasted turkey
-five petite carrots
-lemon slice
-bed of 8 green plastic sprigs

 Roasted Potatoes in a Pan   (3)  24.00
-all potato pieces are loose and individual
-metal pan is included

Crescent Rolls Set of Three   (6)  9.00

Ham   (3)  9.00

If you have any questions about the foods feel free to message me in my Etsy shop or comment here on the blog.