Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cookies and then More Cookies....

For one of my first posts I thought it befitting that I include a quality comparison picture of my beginning attempts at making food for my dolls.

This picture is from about 6 years ago.

Back then I knew there was definite room for improvement.  They were, however, good enough that I was inspired to continue to challenge myself.   But I knew I could produce something better,  something more palatable. 

Here are some more recent versions of the same.

Clearly there are differences.

For my grand re-opening this August I will be offering more chocolate chip cookies like these, plus a host of other goodies- some of my more popular shop staples.  I will be posting a full list of what I will be offering very soon.   


  1. I am just blown away, Teresa! I thought that the first round of cookies looked incredible, and seeing the changes that you've made is just amazing! :) Wow!

  2. I am soo excited to see the new items!!
    I have the second batch of cookies and I just love them :D

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I can't wait for the re-launch. Thanks for the how-to on the cookie sheet. We hae made a few things for our dolls, but it truly is an art to get them to look realistic.