Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cookie Sheets: A Tutorial

Do your dolls love making cookies as much as mine?   Cookie sheets are a super simple one day project.   Real baking sheets come in all different shapes and sizes, thankfully, so one is not limited to a specific dimension for their dolls.

For this project I have employed craft store pressed board pieces.  They are thick enough that they won't break easily, but not too thick that they look out of scale- my biggest pet peeve.

I purchased this package at Micheal's- an arts and crafts store. Four come in a package.
Other materials needed: 
silver metallic spray paint
220 or 180  grit sandpaper
tack cloth

Lightly sand the board then use a tack cloth to remove dust particles.  Coat once with primer on both sides.  Allow to dry then sand.   Next apply metallic spray paint.  I probably over killed the painting process with 6 coats of metallic,  but I wanted a very durable finish. Remember to sand between each coat of paint.

Note here, by pure happenstance, how perfectly the boards' size fit into Kit's cook stove!  

And as a side note for those questioning the historical accuracy... Would Kit have baked chocolate chip cookies?    Probably not, as they did not gain popularity until around 1939.  A stretch for Kit, but not inconceivable.

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