Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Tell your dolls to mark their calendars!

On August 15th my Etsy shop will finally re-open with tons of mouth-watering items to choose from.  The Pippaloo kitchen has been busy at work preparing some of the old favorites, plus cooking up some exciting new items as well. All items will be listed and available by 12 noon EST.


Last weekend I hosted a fancy picnic party for my dolls and included some of the foods I will be offering come the 15th.   They all raved and agreed that everything was divine.  My dolls convinced me that we needed to post a few pics from the party,  plus reveal a few additional sneak peeks of some of the other upcoming items available next week.

Here the girls were enjoying the fabulous summer we've been having.

Some other sneak peeks:

Below is a complete list of all of the items I will be offering for August.
Please understand that once I sell out of many of these items, I will not be able to offer them again for some time. 

mini lollipops                                                      doughnuts
brownies                                                             deviled eggs
tea cookies                                                          strawberry shortcake
Felicity's Queen cakes                              
cracker, cheese and fruit presentation
chocolate sandwich cookies                               swirl lollipops
peanut butter cookies                                          veggies
pop tarts                                                              meatloaf
waffle cones                                                        potatoes w/ slices
chocolate covered ice cream bar                         fruit sets
s'mores                                                                peanut butter & jelly
mac-n-cheese                                                      grilled cheese
cheeseburger and fries                                        pizza
corn dogs                                                            pb & j "uncrustables"
spaghetti & meatballs                                         pancakes
ham sandwich w/ cheese crackers                      chocolate chip cookies
almond cookies


  1. This is pipaloo at a whole new level! Soo excited :D

  2. All that food looks super yummy. Definitely the next item on my checklist to start building after I get my clothes shopping done.