Monday, October 22, 2012

Next up On the Menu

Halloween is not quite here yet but the Pippaloo kitchen has already turned it's attention to another autumn holiday: Thanksgiving.

Hot and fresh from the Pippaloo ovens, here is the menu list for my upcoming product launch on Sunday, October 28th.  Sneak peek pics to follow soon:

UPDATE: Prices are now included!

~Appetizers et al~

-apple orange banana fruit set   9.00
-cracker and cheese presentation with wood board  30.00
-deviled egg sets   23.00
-loaf of braided bread  10.00

~Thanksgiving Menu Items~

-whole turkeys with garnishes of lemon slices, carrots, cherry tomatoes
 and greens  42.00
-mashed potatoes with green beans  12.00
-serving dish of green beans   18.00
 -corn bread    5.00
-corn muffins   6.50
-dinner rolls  7.00


-falling leaves sugar cookie cutouts 6.25
-holiday cookie assortment  22.00
-lollipops  4.25
-pumpkin roll  17.50
-pumpkin pie  5.00
-whole pumpkin pie  20.00
-tea party cookie assortment 22.00

~Weekday Meals and Such~

-meatloaf with baby carrots and dinner roll   13.00
-ham and cheese sub sandwiches  6.50
-spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread stick  14.00
-mac & cheese  5.75
-serving dish of mac & cheese  18.00
-empanadas 7.00

I will be adding a few other items to the list and amending it as more foods are completed this week.  Hoping to squeeze in a couple of additional things!

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