Saturday, October 6, 2012

On the Menu This Month

During the year in my shop I normally list new items only on the 15th of every month.   For the upcoming holidays I am changing things up a bit though, as the 15th doesn't work especially well, time wise,  for November or December.    As promised, here is my listing schedule for the remainder of the year.

OCT 15th-  Halloween goodies, party treats and some popular shop staples

OCT 28th-  Thanksgiving dinner items, assorted cookies and some week day meals

NOV 13th-  Holiday desserts, party treats and more shop staples

DEC 9th-    More holiday inspired goodies

Hot and fresh from the Pippaloo kitchen, these are the items that will be available, next week at 12:00 noon on the 15th of October:

cheese crackers
breakfast sets
peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
ham & cheese sandwiches
grilled cheese sandwiches
chocolate chip cookies
chocolate bars
chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches
cookies & cream cheese cake pie
spider cake with slices
peanut butter kisses
candy apples
cinnamon rolls
pumpkin pie
Halloween shapes sugar cookies
frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles
party sub/hoagie
pigs in a blanket
twister pops
swirl lollipops
mini swirl lollipops

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