Monday, November 5, 2012


                                      ~MENU LIST~

                                   NOVEMBER  13th

As stated in my previous post, due to the hurricane I do not have as much accomplished as I was hoping to for my November 13th items.  As I complete items this week I will add them to the list.  Everything will be available in my shop at 12 noon EST, Tuesday November 13th.

frosty fun sugar cookie cut outs   6.75
baked beans & biscuits    9.50
burnt sugar cakes   10.00
baguette   9.00
round breads   9.00
fruit sets  12.00
potatoes with slices on cutting board  10.00
breakfast sets   6.50
pancakes   5.25
sushi   13.00
chocolate sandwich cookies   3.75
peanut butter bread with apple slices  8.00
doughnut sets   9.00
holiday lollipops   4.25
tea cakes   10.50
turkey sub sandwiches  6.75
peanut butter & jelly sandwiches  5.25
pigs in a blanket   8.00
holiday twister lollipops  2.25

~a selection of period tea cakes suitable for Felicity or Caroline


~frosty fun sugar cookie cut outs

~ trio of doughnuts

~peanut butter on bread with apple slices

~whole potatoes and slices with cutting board


~Caroline's burnt sugar cake

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