Friday, December 28, 2012

A Completed House!

I felt inspiration kick in and finally decided on a the rest of the candies that I wanted to use to finish up the house.   I knew I was going to use the gumdrops again for the roof,  and the other pieces I included were a round peppermint candy, three pink bubblegum sticks and a couple of mini lollipops.   I also made a couple of red hots that I would use for the front windows.

The chimney section was made from a left over piece of my gingerbread clay.  I used a large pin to press in the brick pattern.  After baking and cooling, it would be ready to attach to the house.

After having waited a full 24 hours for the roof decorations to set up, I moved onto the sides of the house.  The resin clay probably does not need quite that long to cure, but I wanted to be sure it was fully hardened since I was going to be continually handling the house in the next few steps.

I positioned the lollipops between the gumdrops and attached them with super glue.  You may not want to use super glue on your project unless you are very confident in where you want your pieces placed.  Super glue is not always very forgiving. 

I decided to use the candy canes on the opposite side of the house, instead of on the roof eave.  I glued one of them on at an angle,  then cut the other in half with a razor blade and finally attached the two remaining pieces- mimicking the crosshatching on the roof.

Then it was on to the backside.   I had already piped on the windows and included the long peppermint stick across the back,  but I knew that it definitely need something more.  The pink sticks of bubble gum over the three windows added a little color and that other candy element I felt the backside really needed.   The round peppermint candy found the perfect home in the empty area above the windows. 

In the above picture you can see that next I added the gumdrops to the roof peak.  They were attached with the piped resin clay.  They look as though they are perfectly nestled in snow. 

I added those two red hot dots just above the windows on the front of the house, using just the resin clay to attach them as well. 
Then the final element to add was the chimney.   After gluing, I piped more resin clay around it's perimeter to fill in any cracks.    My house was finally complete.

For most foods in my shop I apply a clear sealer, either a gloss or matte coating, depending on the food's texture.  It helps to seal the color and make the foods more durable.   However,  for this house I won't be doing that.   Not just because I wont be selling it,  but because the gingerbread  has that dull matte surface appearance that perfectly mimics the real thing- I did not want to compromise that.   The candies have all had a coat or two of an acrylic gloss though- especially the peppermint pieces.  

I hope this inspires you to make your own gingerbread creations- real or doll sized!


  1. An absolutely exquisite piece of art, yet nothing less than I would expect from the Pippaloo kitchen. You put American Girl's gingerbread house to shame.

  2. You are amazing!!! Can't wait until your next release :)