Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Gingerbread House In the Making

I love gingerbread.  Cookies, cakes, houses.   It's the part of the holidays that I cannot imagine anyone finding objection with.

Having been asked many times to make a gingerbread house for the dolls, I always have to politely decline.  The amount of work and time required in this scale would make for a very expensive house! 

Instead, I have decided to make one for my dolls and chronicle it's progress, step by step, giving tips and hints along the way.  Maybe it will inspire you to make a gingerbread house for your own dolls.

First I had to decide on a design.  I searched images of other gingerbread houses, drawing elements and bits and pieces from different designs I liked- and added in a little of my own inspiration as well.   My talents lie in sculpting-  not drawing.   So I have refrained from including the sad sketch I made of the gingerbread house I ultimately decided on.

Next I made a template from cardboard.  I took about 15 minutes to figure, cut and retool the pattern pieces until I came up with a design that worked. 

Then it was off to make my gingerbread!  I rolled the clay to about a 1/4" thickness.  I did not want the walls too thin for fear of breakage when gluing the pieces together. 
I carefully cut the clay from my pattern pieces,  gave them each a little texture to mimic the real thing, and soon they were baking.

After having cooled I began to assemble my pieces, shaving off bits of gingerbread here and there so that the house fit together nicely.  

I quickly snapped this pic next to a Sharpie so you can sort of see the relative size I decided on.  
The fun part comes next- the decorating......

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