Sunday, December 23, 2012

Now for the fun part!

My first step was to glue on the candy cane side pieces and the chocolate door.  I needed them to be positioned first before I could determine the sizes of some of my other elements.  I used super glue to attach them.

 I attached the sugar wafer piece next- it fit just inside the roof peak.

With that I am reminded of a silly joke told to me by my 8 yr old just last night:

"Why was the sugar cookie crying?"          

ANSWER:  "Because it's mother had been a wafer so long!"

To mimic the type of frosting used on real gingerbread houses (royal icing- the kind that hardens), I used a white resin clay.  After piping it in a delicate lace effect just under the eave, I moved onto piping on the windows.   I piped around the sugar wafer as well, filling in the gaps and spaces.   

And then I waited a full 24 hours for the front to dry before piping on the back side.

My next step will be to finish applying candies on the front, back and sides of the house.  The roof will be the last section decorated.

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