Monday, December 24, 2012


I knew I wanted some mini candy canes for the front, just over the door.  And I finally decided on using a single peppermint stick for the back.  I made two larger candy canes in the process, thinking I may use them on the back eave.

 I used those two mini candy canes to form a sweet little heart positioned just above the front door.  The heart filled the space perfectly and added the visual interest it needed.  I knew I was going to incorporate that element in my design even before I started searching gingerbread house images.

To mimic bushes I used a green gumdrop that I sliced in two- applying one half under each window with super glue. 

With the front complete, I moved onto the backside.   I did hem and haw a little about what candies to incorporate for the back side of the house.  I had wanted to include another type of candy, something I had not used on the front or sides. I had given some thought to using pink bubblegum sticks, fruit stripe gum, chocolate kisses, pretzel sticks, green leaves, m&ms, life savers or even that old fashioned ribbon candy.  But in the end none of those choices inspired me.  I tend to apply the "less is more" theory to my designs.  And I think in the 1:3 scale it's very easy to quickly overwhelm a design.  I apply this to everything I make for the dolls, especially garments.

For the back I ultimately decided on just a single peppermint stick header across the back.  I then piped on a trio of windows and and outlined the back with the mock royal icing and called it a day.  I 'm still not in love with the design- and for me that means it will likely get a some point.

Then it was on to the sides.  They were given an outline of royal icing as well and three gumdrop bushes each.

In the above pic you can see that I have already moved onto the roof- adding a crosshatch design dotted with mini candies, once again using the "royal icing" resin clay that air dries and hardens.

After Christmas I will finish up the house, adding a chimney and a few more surprise elements.

                                             ~ Merry Christmas ~

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  1. Merry Christmas, Teresa! Thank you for sharing your talents with dolls everywhere :(