Monday, December 3, 2012


For this holiday I tried not to tip the scales too heavy in favor of sweet things.  I think I managed surprisingly to find that balance, since I will admit that I prefer making desserts for the dolls.  It's just, simply put, a whole lot more fun.   

Here is an updated menu and price list for the 9th of December.  As alwyas, items will be available 12:00 noon EST.

raspberry cheesecake slices  7.00
chocolate cake slices with white fluffy frosting  12.00
red velvet cake slices  12.00
holiday sugar cookie cut outs   7.25
cookies for Santa   8.25
pigs in a blanket   7.50
holiday twister pops  2.00
icicle twister pops   2.00
whole pumpkin pie    20.00
festive cookie assortment   24.00
peppermint brownies   5.00
meat cheese and roll spread  18.00
deviled eggs  22.00
peanut butter cookies  5.00
stocking stuffer candies 11.25
crackers and cheese cubes set  17.00
chocolate yule log cake with slice  24.00
ham and turkey roll ups  7.25
party sub  26.00
raviolis  6.00
baked potatoes with butter 6.00
ice cream sandwiches  5.50
swirl lollipops  4.25
sliders  11.50
coconut cake with slices  17.50
grilled cheese  5.25
chocolate Santa on stick 4.50
crescent rolls 7.00


  1. I'd love to buy something! They look real and good enough to eat!:) Do you think you can sponser my American Girl blog meaning donating something for a giveaway? Please email me at This would also spread the word of your shop.

  2. Teresa,

    Something to consider...many people attend church services on Sunday and cannot get home by 12 noon for your sale. Unfortunately, we are one of those families. Our church service doesn't let out until just past 12noon so we won't be able to get home and try to purchase anything before it gets sold out. Maybe in the future if you do your sales on a Sunday, you could do it more in the middle of the afternoon? Or maybe, just avoid Sunday's all together? Just a thought. My daughter is so sad that she cannot be here at 12 noon and we know nothing will be left when we do get home. Thanks for your consideration! Dawn

  3. Thanks for the input Dawn. I really appreciate the comments. It's hard. For the holidays I have purposely tried to change up the days that I list to accommodate varied schedules. I know that on the week days it's difficult for those who work midday to purchase. And I know that Saturday afternoons are usually pretty fully booked with activities for a lot of families, as are Sunday mornings with church activities. So it is tough to satisfy everyone. There seems to be no perfect day. I chose 12 noon because it wasn't too ridiculously early for west coast time zones, but not too late in the afternoon for the eastern time zone.
    I will be going to back to listing on the 15th of every month beginning in January. For next year during the holidays I will have to rethink how I list.

  4. So cute! You should make a lobster next month, and maybe corn on the cob too!