Friday, August 24, 2012


Thoughts on custom orders...

I want to take a few moments out to explain how custom orders will now work in my shop, post grand re-opening.

Back in April, after putting my shop on hiatus, I decided, due to my injury, that I had to slow the pace down a bit and do some re-evaluating about the way I run things.  My injury was a direct result of the overuse and overworking of my arm.   I decided to make a couple of key changes:

-New items listed on the 15th of each month
-Changes to the way I do custom orders

Listing new items together and only on the 15th of every month was one way of helping me toward that goal of slowing things down.   The second was to take on fewer custom orders and tweak the way I do them.

I enjoy making new and different items.  I like the challenge and excitement of creating something I've never done before in miniature.  I have to admit that I get a little giddy, actually.  That remains the same as before.

What will change however is that once I sell out of an item- even some of my shop staples, I will most likely not be able to offer it again for some time.  I have struggled with this change to my shop for awhile,  but unfortunately I have learned that I cannot possibly fulfill each and every request.  I am a stay at home mom with two busy young girls and a household to run as well.  My Etsy shop is a creative and artistic outlet for me.  I very much enjoy creating for the dolls, but I am one alone, with a limited number of hours in the day. So that means that when items sell out they will not be available again for some time, not even as a custom order.  In an effort to be fair to all, I can no longer hold items that I make in limited quantities.  I have so many requests for shop staples that I simply cannot satisfy them all.

So then, still....what is a custom order?   I am always taking orders for custom color swirl lollipops as favors for doll parties.  Those can take up to only a week or so to complete.   If you want something very specific for your dolls, or your daughter has a favorite unusual food, just ask.  It may not always be something that I can do, but I am always happy to field requests.  It's the old cliche, it never hurts to ask!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shop News & Notes

Yesterday's grand re-opening was truly a great success.  I was overwhelmed by how quickly many of my foods sold out.  I was not expecting such an immediate response.  All I can say is thank you!

I love creating for the dolls- and I think that is communicated in everything I do in my shop. I am a perfectionist.   Just ask those who know me best.  My husband reminded me not long ago about an afternoon when we were first dating.  With a can of snow spray in hand, I proceeded to write "Merry Christmas" on his sliding glass door.  I erased and re-wrote Merry Christmas on that door at least  a couple of dozen times trying to get it "just so".....used nearly the whole can as I recall.....and still was not particularly happy with the outcome.


Expect to see new items listed on the 15th of every month.    I will no longer be randomly listing items- everything will be offered together on the same day- the 15th. 

During the holiday season- November and December- I will be changing it up however.    Keep an eye out here on my blog for menu updates, since I will be listing things more often in my shop for November and December.   I will always be offering a mix of shop favorites and fresh new items as well throughout the year, so keep your calenders marked for the 15th of each month.

Please bear in mind that when I sell out of some items I will likely not be able to offer them again for a few months.  And some items will have a very limited run and not be repeated again during the year.  Seasonal items will only be available for a limited time.  

Thanks again!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Tell your dolls to mark their calendars!

On August 15th my Etsy shop will finally re-open with tons of mouth-watering items to choose from.  The Pippaloo kitchen has been busy at work preparing some of the old favorites, plus cooking up some exciting new items as well. All items will be listed and available by 12 noon EST.

Last weekend I hosted a fancy picnic party for my dolls and included some of the foods I will be offering come the 15th.   They all raved and agreed that everything was divine.  My dolls convinced me that we needed to post a few pics from the party,  plus reveal a few additional sneak peeks of some of the other upcoming items available next week.

Here the girls were enjoying the fabulous summer we've been having.

Some other sneak peeks:

Below is a complete list of all of the items I will be offering for August.
Please understand that once I sell out of many of these items, I will not be able to offer them again for some time. 

mini lollipops                                                      doughnuts
brownies                                                             deviled eggs
tea cookies                                                          strawberry shortcake
Felicity's Queen cakes                              
cracker, cheese and fruit presentation
chocolate sandwich cookies                               swirl lollipops
peanut butter cookies                                          veggies
pop tarts                                                              meatloaf
waffle cones                                                        potatoes w/ slices
chocolate covered ice cream bar                         fruit sets
s'mores                                                                peanut butter & jelly
mac-n-cheese                                                      grilled cheese
cheeseburger and fries                                        pizza
corn dogs                                                            pb & j "uncrustables"
spaghetti & meatballs                                         pancakes
ham sandwich w/ cheese crackers                      chocolate chip cookies
almond cookies

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cookie Sheets: A Tutorial

Do your dolls love making cookies as much as mine?   Cookie sheets are a super simple one day project.   Real baking sheets come in all different shapes and sizes, thankfully, so one is not limited to a specific dimension for their dolls.

For this project I have employed craft store pressed board pieces.  They are thick enough that they won't break easily, but not too thick that they look out of scale- my biggest pet peeve.

I purchased this package at Micheal's- an arts and crafts store. Four come in a package.
Other materials needed: 
silver metallic spray paint
220 or 180  grit sandpaper
tack cloth

Lightly sand the board then use a tack cloth to remove dust particles.  Coat once with primer on both sides.  Allow to dry then sand.   Next apply metallic spray paint.  I probably over killed the painting process with 6 coats of metallic,  but I wanted a very durable finish. Remember to sand between each coat of paint.

Note here, by pure happenstance, how perfectly the boards' size fit into Kit's cook stove!  

And as a side note for those questioning the historical accuracy... Would Kit have baked chocolate chip cookies?    Probably not, as they did not gain popularity until around 1939.  A stretch for Kit, but not inconceivable.