Saturday, September 29, 2012

                     ~SCARING UP SOME AUTUMN FUN~


Everything about fall here in the mid west just makes me smile.  I suppose it's because where I grew up in the south, fall was fairly non-existent.   So for me when the leaves change and  the air turns crisp it's a scene that I never take for granted.

Fall is also one of my favorite times of the year to create for the dolls.  Halloween goodies I must admit are incredibly fun to make.

Every year I host a big Halloween bash for my dolls.  After a bit of arguing about who would wear what costume, they quickly turned their attentions to the spread of yummy treats and ghoulish goodies on display.


 All of these Halloween goodies and more will be available in my Etsy shop coming soon on October 15th.  Next week I will update with a full list, which will including a few Thanksgiving treats and some popular shop staples.  All of the props and serving trays used in my spooky party scene are for display only.  

Monday, September 10, 2012



 Saturday the 15th 12:00 noon EST

My new shop items will be available at noon EST this Saturday.  The focus will be on school lunches, but there will also be lots of other items to choose from as well.   


-cheeseburger & fries
-ham sandwich,  banana & cheese crackers
-hot dog w/ ketchup,  an orange & potato chips
-hot dog w/ ketchup,  a banana & cheese crackers
-1930/40's school lunch 
-Addy's 1864 school lunch
-groovy 1970's school lunch
-Samantha's turn of the century school lunch  
-Kirsten's pioneer school lunch
-turkey sub w/ and apple & tortilla chips
-macaroni & cheese w/ carrots 


-macaroni & cheese 
-corn dogs
-bagel w/ cream cheese
-pb & j sandwich
-peanut butter & jelly "uncrustables"


-fruit set: apple orange banana
-peanut butter on celery w/ pretzels
-cheese crackers 


-mouse ear ice cream bars
-ice cream cones
-swirl lollipops

More sneak peek pics from Saturday's menu.....

Next month my focus will shift to autumn inspired foods- including Halloween and some Thanksgiving related items.  More on that later....

Monday, September 3, 2012


It's September, and for many kids- and dolls alike- that spells... back to school!   I can almost hear the collective grumbling.

Back to school means stocking up on the requisite pencils, notebooks, and shiny new shoes.  But for the Pippaloo kitchen it means thinking about school lunches.   I've been hard at work churning out a variety yummy lunch munchies that are sure to please almost every doll's palate.

                         Coming Soon:

                      Pippaloo's School Lunch Menu

Here's a sneak peek of just a few of the new upcoming goodies from the Pippaloo kitchen for September.  With the focus on school lunches this month,  there will be lots of healthy options with some classic American lunch staples thrown in.  There will even be choices for dolls from eras gone by. 


These items above and more will be available on September 15th in my Etsy shop.  I will be posting a complete menu list for September next week, so check back again.
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