Monday, January 7, 2013


Sweet treats are truly my favorite things to make for the dolls.  This time of the year with Valentine's Day approaching and later Easter, I find making candies and chocolates the perfect motivation and distraction from the winter blues.  

For my January 15th items I will be offering mostly Valentine goodies and treats.  Dolls love giving and receiving yummy surprises- they need to know they are loved too!

From January on- and into the summer months  I will continue to list new items on the 15th of every month at 12 noon.

Below is the menu list of items I will be offering for Tuesday the 15th of January.  The individual quantities of each that will be available is in parenthesis, followed by the prices.

chocolates sets (11)     8.25-9.25
heart shaped lollipops (15)    4.50
mini lollipops- assorted colors  (3)   4.00
swirl lollipops- assorted colors (20)   4.25
valentine tea cookies sets (20)   11.00
frosted valentine cookie sets (20)  5.50
pastel twister lollipop (4)   2.00
valentine twister lollipop (11)   2.00
chocolate cake slices- set of 2  (4)   6.25
peanut butter kiss cookies  (7)    5.00
chocolate & peanut butter cookie sets  (4)  12.25
brownie sundae (3)  6.00
peanut butter cookies  (3)  5.25
tea party cookies (2) 13.00