Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sleepover Fun!

Get your dolls' pillows and sleeping bags packed and ready- this month's theme is sleepover foods.   Every sleepover party needs some good old fashioned junk food... mixed in with the classic party staples.   Add in a few fun breakfast foods for the morning and it's a recipe for one fabulous sleepover.   I've tried to do a mix of a little bit of everything.   I've really enjoyed making this month's goodies,  drawing inspiration from my own real life girls. 

Below is a list of the items that will be available in my Etsy shop on the 15th of February at 12:00 noon EST.

Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.

Foods to get the party started...

whole cheese pizza, 8 slices  (7)      18.00
cheese pizza slices set of 2   (14)    4.50
party nachos with cheese/sour cream and chips  (6)  23.00
pigs in a blanket set of 8-  (6)  9.50
chocolate covered strawberries set of 2   (4) 10.25-11.25

Party nachos are smothered in cheddar cheese and dotted with a dollop of sour cream, olives and tomatoes.  Set comes with 7 additional loose nachos, one with a puddle of cheese attached.  

Chocolate covered strawberries come plain or with a white chocolate drizzle.

And the best part....the desserts

brownie sundae with sprinkles  (11)  6.00
pop tarts set of 2    (21)   5.25
heart shaped snack cakes set of 2  (2)   7.00
brownies set of 3  (12)    4.50
swirl lollipops set of 3  assorted colors  (15)   4.25
twister lollipops  assorted colors  (15)    2.00
mini swirl lollipops  (2)   4.00
chocolate bars set of 2   (8)  3.00
Girl Scout cookie sets  (20)  16.00
dipped bananas (10)  6.50
chocolate sandwich cookie set of 3 (16) 4.00

Dipped bananas are sold in singles and coated with sprinkles or with peanuts. 

And in the morning....breakfast goodies

cinnamon buns set of 2   (19)   5.50
pancake stack of two with butter and syrup  (4)   5.25
peanut butter bread set of 2   (3)   8.00
mini blueberry muffins set of 6    (7)     10.50
bagels with cream cheese set of 2   (4)  5.50
whole bagels set of 4  (2)     11.00
stick of butter with 3 slices  (5)  4.50