Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Growing up in my house in the 1970's, Easter was pretty much this: a quick search for a basket filled with chocolate and candy,  accompanied by an afternoon of the traditional coloring of eggs.   It wasn't celebrated as a religious holiday and we never actually hid the eggs- we always just ate them- usually days later.  Most years there were still some eggs hanging about a week or so later.   

My friend Sara recently shared a story with me about how every Easter in her house growing up her Grandmother and her Aunt would make a cake in the shape of a bunny.  They used one round cake layer as the bunny's head, while the second layer was cut to create the ears and a bow tie.  The cake was frosted and then covered all over with coconut.  I have to admit it sounds super yummy and really cute- and soooo not something my mother would  have ever done.  

Sara has fond memories of those bunny cakes, so she asked me if I would re-create one- in miniature- for her and her Molly.   

I knew right away that it was something I could do- the bunny shape, the frosting, the coconut, the gumdrop eyes, the licorice whiskers and mouth.  And I knew it would be incredibly cute.  I almost hesitated- giving up the little guy,  but I knew he was going to a very happy home and would positively enjoy being the star attraction on Easter day. 

 Katie helped put the finishing touches on the cake.  She was happy to help. 

A special thank you to Sara for letting me share her story and her bunny.  

                                              Happy Easter


  1. THis came out SO cute!! I remember making the cakes just like that as a kid, but had forgotten until I saw yours-- thanks for the good memory!!

  2. Happy Easter! I have nominated you for The Best Blogger Award. You can thank me later.

  3. Wonderful Story and Love the Easter Bunny Cookie's - and YeP, we followed SteamPunk Alice over here to see!

  4. Ooosp meant SteamPunk Addie!