Monday, March 11, 2013


Just in time for Easter and spring parties- below is my menu list for this Friday, the 15th of March.  This month it's exclusively candies and Easter goodies and filled baskets, so better get out and get your dolls some toothbrushes and toothpaste.

All items will be available on March 15th at 12:00 noon  EST.

                                               EASTER BASKET SETS

The basket sets will come in four color choices: pink, yellow, green or blue. Baskets are a straw/willow material.   Each color will be listed and sold separately- meaning there will be a listing for a pink basket set, a yellow basket set, etc.   So,  if you have a color preference keep that in mind.
A total of 23 sets will be available.  Five each of the yellow, pink and blue sets, and six of the green.


Basket sets will include: 

one 3" chocolate bunny dressed in his Sunday best
one swirl lollipop
two 1" small chocolate bunnies
one spiral flip pad with Easter graphic (assorted styles)
one fluffy white bunny
base of Easter grass

Each bunny will come individually wrapped in cellophane, as shown.  The basket will arrive to you wrapped up in cellophane and tied up in a pretty ribbon.   Please note that my "chocolate" bunnies are not made from real chocolate- they are made from non toxic polymer clay.


Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.

mini lollipops set of six  (28)     8.50
peanut butter cup set of two (9)    3.50
marshmallow chicks set of three  (4)     8.50
chocolate bars set of two  (6)  3.00
Easter sugar cookie cut out  sets  (24)   7.25
rock candy set of six  (4)    12.50
white chocolate bunny set of three (4)  8.50
small chocolate bunnies- set of four   (3)  3.50
swirl lollipops set of two- assorted     3.00
twister lollipops (10) assorted  2.00
big bunny set (9)   10.50
chick and bunnies sugar cookie cutout set (1) 7.25

Numbers in the following sets will be enough to fill a 2" jar:

gumballs  (5)  7.00
gummy bears (2)  7.00
jelly beans (3)   7.00

Please note: jars are not included.

                                   OTHER LARGER CANDY SETS

There will be only a few of these candy sets available.  These are great to add to the above basket sets or to add to your own.

                                                 Mega Candy Set  (3)  $24

 Set includes:

jelly beans (30)
gummy bears (20)
chewy candy fish (16)
mini swirl lollipop
sleeve of candy dots
white chocolate bunny
chocolate bunny



                                                  Candy set #2  (6)  $16

Set includes:

sleeve of candy dots
gummy bears (20)
rock candy (assorted colors)
chocolate bar
peppermint stick


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