Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The old expression goes something like this.... "he was so happy- he was like a kid in a candy store".  I'm not one for cliches, but that's literally- and figuratively how I felt the entire time I was designing and piecing together this candy shop scene.   Candy shops bring out the kid in everyone.   There is just something about the dizzying mix of rainbow colors and the lure of a sugar rush. 

I started out with a general idea of what I wanted:  counter tops, shelving, walls and flooring.  The candies were the easy part.  Finding the other elements that would work would be the trick.

The walls are made from bead board laid horizontally, to mimic paneling used so often in retail shops.  The flooring is Pergo- left over from a house project. I didn't even glue it together.  Makes for easier set up and dismantling. 

I found this hutch on Ebay and knew it would work perfectly for lots of different scenes.  It's shelving was the perfect size for my candy jars.  The smaller jars were purchased at  Micheal's and the larger ones at Hobby Lobby.

The long counter I made a couple of years ago- it's the backside view of this lemonade stand:


                          Pics like this make me long for summer. *sigh*

                                                  Top of counter

To hide the bottom shelf of the long counter,  I covered it with a coordinating fabric.  I attached it with sticky back velcro so that it can be easily removed when the counter is re-purposed in some other scene.

I added two small shelves above the long counter- not only to fill the wall space- but to also showcase my bunnies.  The shelves are thin pine boards that I painted and then glued onto a small ledge. The ledge was screwed into the bead board- and not glued- so that it can be easily removed to use again in other scenes in other configurations.

I added the flag banner in girly colors at the top for some fun visual interest. 

The little details in scenes like these are always the real eye candy.  (Please excuse another intentional pun).
This plastic mini gumball machine is actually a party favor.   It can be found here,  and other party favor sites as well.   It comes in various colors and is the perfect size for the dolls.  I loaded this one up with gumballs made for the dolls.

More party favors.... these two plastic candy dispensers come complete with silver scoops and hinged lids.   The smaller one can be found  here.   Notice the backside of the one on the left.  I printed out an image of jelly beans, scaling it down to the size of the ones I made.   It gives the illusion of a greater number of jelly beans.

I borrowed images from the internet to fill in and round out my scene.

                                       Dolls enjoy free samples too!

                                            And love topical posters

I made this lollipop display stand from a turned wood piece and some clay.  The base is clay that I poked holes in and then baked.  I trimmed the outside with a pretty scrapbook paper and topped it with some signage- and voila! 

These wee boxes of candies were made by scanning real life versions, scaling them down and then printing them out on semi gloss photo paper.  I scaled them to about 30%- 35%.  I carefully cut them out and glued the edges together- following the lines and creases of the original. 

Sadly, I won't be able to sell them. Trademark and copyright and infringement laws prohibit me from selling anything with images of branded names and logos.  

 Below is a photo I took to shatter the illusion a bit, so that the size and scope can be better visualized.  The walls are 36" by 42".   I added crown molding at the top just to cap the ceiling off and make the scene look more finished.  The two side walls are not attached to the flooring, they merely float over it so that the whole scene can be easily taken apart and stored. 

Here Katie challenges you to guess the number of gumballs in the jar.  My 8 year old actually volunteered and counted them all, but she's not revealing the number.  

                                                PIPPALOO ON ETSY

Most of the candies seen here in my pics will be available in my Esty shop on March 15th at 12 noon, EST.    I will have a complete list and more pics in the coming days here on my blog.  

Have any questions about something specific you see in my candy shop? I am always happy to answer any questions.  


  1. This is brilliant! Fabulous work, as usual!

    -N (

  2. Love it! :-) Thanks for the fun ideas!
    Selah Soo Designs

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  4. I always love everything you do! This is no exception! Great job! Where did you find the hinged containers the gummies are in? I have seen them used before but never have found them to buy. Also where did you find the gumball jar? I deleted this before because I had forgotten to ask about the gumball jar! LOL

  5. DD added the little boxes of nerds to her candy store. She actually filled hers with real candy in most things so she could shop and eat for real! LOL
    Her shelves are pretty bare now.

  6. Thanks for the comments- and the compliments.

    The hinged containers I bought at the same party favor place as the gumball machine. I updated my blog with that link as well.

    The gumball jar I think I bought at a store called World Market. It looks like it's all one piece, but the jar is sitting on a plastic pedestal. The pedestal I bought at a local craft store.

  7. Absolutely adorable, Teresa!!!!!! Super, super cute!!

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