Friday, April 26, 2013


For the month of May my focus will be on revisiting some popular shop favorites that I have not made in some time.  I have to admit that I prefer the challenge and variety of making new items.  I feel less like a factory worker and more like an artist.   But I know there needs to be a balance of both- to satisfy everyone.

Looking ahead:
For the months of June and July my shop will be going on a short hiatus, so I will not be adding any new items on the 15th for those months.   I will pick back up again in August, adding a bunch of new items on August 15th.
And I won't be taking on any custom orders for new items during the months of June, July or August.    I will be outside enjoying the teeny bit of warm weather that Mother Nature allots northern Ohio. :)

Items go live in my Etsy shop on May 15th, 12:00 noon EST.   Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis,  followed by the prices.


whole bagels- set of four   (2)       8.50
towering pancake stack with blueberries   ( 1)    11.00
bagels with cream cheese- set of two   (9)      6.25
whole biscuits- set of five   (2)      9.50
pancake double stack  (4)        5.50
biscuits with jelly- set of two  (2)      6.50

grilled cheese  (6)       7.00
macaroni & cheese  (18)    6.50
hot dogs with ketchup   (7)    7.00
fruit sets- banana apple orange  (21)    13.00
fruit skewers- set of two  (13)    10.50
fishy crackers   (4)  6.00
ham and cheese sub sandwiches  (5)   7.50
quesadillas with sour cream   (4)    13.00
peanut butter on bread set of two   (5)     8.00
horse and pony food set- carrots apple sugar cubes  (2)   13.25

swirl lollipops set of two-  assorted colors   (8)     4.00
mini swirl lollipops set of three- assorted colors  (2)    4.00
strawberry shortcakes- set of two  (3)   13.00
ice cream cones set of two- chocolate & strawberry (3)   9.00
ice cream cones set of two- chocolate & vanilla   (5)    9.00
doughnuts- set of four    (6)   16.00
beignets- set of two  (2)   8.00
mouse ear ice cream bars (7)  8.75







I will add more items to the list as inspiration hits and time allows.

Monday, April 15, 2013


One of my favorite things to do with my dolls- that I rarely have time to do anymore- is putting together photo stories.  My real life girls used to enjoy getting involved, but they don't seem too interested in helping these days.  They are more into Video Star and Instagram - and they seem to prefer their Lalaloopsy dolls, which is I suppose I have to admit I don't mind too much- since I am a bit fond of them as well.

I had been planning for a awhile to do a fun birthday party scene to help celebrate the "cake" theme in my shop,  but the past week was filled with a visit to the ER with my 8 yr old and the stomach flu all around.... so time and events this week were not my friend.

Finally over the weekend I was able to throw together this scene.   It's honestly less photo story and more photo shoot to be honest.  I just wanted to take some fun pics of a birthday party scene, making use of the confetti party cake I made and the helium tank I purchased for another upcoming real life birthday.   The mini balloons are water balloons- they are the perfect size for the dolls.   I filled them with helium and away they went.  One caveat: they did not stay airborne for very long, only a few short hours. 

                     This weekend it was my doll Holly's (center) birthday.

 Best friends Sally and Nicki (respectively far left and far right) decided to throw a little birthday party for their friend.  They invited all their good friends from school and the neighborhood. 

 Every 10 year old wants cake and presents and balloons too- of course- and their best friends surrounding them with well wishes on their birthday.   Rounding out the crew are Paris, Serafina, Katie (seated) and Kayla (just barely).


Finding printed gift wrap that works for the dolls is not an easy task.  These wee papers were made especially for me by my sister-in-law, a graphic illustrator.  She created the prints so that they were in perfect scale to the dolls.  I adore the variety of colors and fonts she chose.  I wrapped them up and dressed them in bows and ribbons. 


                  And just what was waiting for Holly in that biggest box?

                               Holly's favorite- her very own unicorn!!

This little felt creature was purchased from a shop on Etsy.  Holly could not have had a more magical day. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013


        MENU LIST FOR APRIL 15th

It's no secret that I love making desserts for the dolls.   I thought this month it befitting that I focus solely on cakes for two reasons: it's my birthday month.... AND what better way to distract our focus from the infamous nature of APRIL 15th than with a big ol' hunk of cake. 

With the Easter holiday and my girls on Spring Break for a week,  I won't have as many items to offer as I typically do most months.   As always, items will be available in my Etsy shop at 12:00 noon EST on Monday, April 15th.

 Pippaloo On Etsy

Most of my cakes this month are not sold only as separate slices, as I have generally sold them in the past.  They are complete cakes with 2-3 slices removed for serving  (depending on the cake).  I love the idea of a whole cake with a few slices cut out- it's great for setting up doll party scenes.  It's always more fun when there are multiple slices to serve and share. 

Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.


vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles set of three  (10)   7.50
chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles set of three  (4)   7.50
chocolate cake w/ chocolate icing and two slices (1)   27.00
confetti party cake with white icing and two slices (2)    28.00
confetti party cake with chocolate icing and two slices (1)  28.00
cheesecake with three slices (2)     27.50
pineapple upside down cake with single slice (1)  28.00
pound cake with three slices (1)   21.00
chocolate bundt cake (1)    15.00
Oreo chocolate cake with two slices (1)   30.00
chocolate cake with pink flower icing and two slices (1)   28.00
strawberry shortcakes set of two  (4)   13.00
whoopie pies set of two (4)    7.00

Felicity's queen cakes set of two (6)    5.50
Caroline's burnt sugar cake  (2)    16.50
Kirsten's heart cake with strawberries  (2)   28.00

petit fours set of three  (8)  7.50

zebra cakes (one with a bite) set of two  (6)   8.00
Twinkies (one with a bite)  set of two  (7)   8.00
Hostess cupcakes set of two (7)    8.00
Ho-hos set of two (one with a bite) (1)  7.00

                                      Chocolate cake with pink flower icing

                                      Delicate petit fours in my favorite colors

                                                       Oreo cake

                         Confetti party cake- making the day even more festive!

                                                     In chocolate too!

                                           Kirsten's cake and strawberries

                       Classic pound cake- great for dolls of all time periods

                                                     Hostess cupcakes

                                            Another Hostess classic- Twinkies

                                 Trio of vanilla cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles

                                                       Zebra cakes

                                Dolls that really love chocolate will flip for this one!

                                                        Whoopie pies

                                 Cheesecake with three slices to share

                    One of my personal favorites- pineapple upside down cake



 Caroline's burnt sugar cake