Friday, April 26, 2013


For the month of May my focus will be on revisiting some popular shop favorites that I have not made in some time.  I have to admit that I prefer the challenge and variety of making new items.  I feel less like a factory worker and more like an artist.   But I know there needs to be a balance of both- to satisfy everyone.

Looking ahead:
For the months of June and July my shop will be going on a short hiatus, so I will not be adding any new items on the 15th for those months.   I will pick back up again in August, adding a bunch of new items on August 15th.
And I won't be taking on any custom orders for new items during the months of June, July or August.    I will be outside enjoying the teeny bit of warm weather that Mother Nature allots northern Ohio. :)

Items go live in my Etsy shop on May 15th, 12:00 noon EST.   Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis,  followed by the prices.


whole bagels- set of four   (2)       8.50
towering pancake stack with blueberries   ( 1)    11.00
bagels with cream cheese- set of two   (9)      6.25
whole biscuits- set of five   (2)      9.50
pancake double stack  (4)        5.50
biscuits with jelly- set of two  (2)      6.50

grilled cheese  (6)       7.00
macaroni & cheese  (18)    6.50
hot dogs with ketchup   (7)    7.00
fruit sets- banana apple orange  (21)    13.00
fruit skewers- set of two  (13)    10.50
fishy crackers   (4)  6.00
ham and cheese sub sandwiches  (5)   7.50
quesadillas with sour cream   (4)    13.00
peanut butter on bread set of two   (5)     8.00
horse and pony food set- carrots apple sugar cubes  (2)   13.25

swirl lollipops set of two-  assorted colors   (8)     4.00
mini swirl lollipops set of three- assorted colors  (2)    4.00
strawberry shortcakes- set of two  (3)   13.00
ice cream cones set of two- chocolate & strawberry (3)   9.00
ice cream cones set of two- chocolate & vanilla   (5)    9.00
doughnuts- set of four    (6)   16.00
beignets- set of two  (2)   8.00
mouse ear ice cream bars (7)  8.75







I will add more items to the list as inspiration hits and time allows.


  1. Very nice Teresa! That stack of pancakes is just about the right portion (if it were people sized) for my 15 yr old son! That's too cute!

  2. Thanks Dawn. I wanted to change things up a bit and do something fun.

  3. Hi,

    I've just stumbled across your site and your stuff is gorgeous. I see you're taking a hiatus but is there any way I can order cupcakes? My daughter will be 8 and your stuff is phenomenal! Please email me.
    Thanks so much.