Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I was recently perusing the aisles of Micheal's craft store and happened upon a set of ceramic dipping bowls- I knew right away that they would be in great scale for the American Girl dolls.

They came in this set of four colors for $3.00.  I found them in an catch-all type of aisle with other similarly priced merchandise- all things were $2 and $3. 

 I love the array of colors- the light aqua being my favorite- so summery.   

The scale is not quite small enough to work as cereal bowls- but would be great for chips, popcorn- or even for side dishes or salads.   My first thought was that it would be great as a mixing bowl.   It would work perfect in a baking scene-  fill it up with brownie batter (made from clay) and have your dolls mix up some delicious chocolate brownies.   There are probably other uses that I have not considered too.  If you can think of any other ideas- share them! 


  1. I'm glad you found them, too! I saw them a few weeks ago but wasn't sure if they would be the right scale or not. I knew they were close, but I have no use for miniature bowls otherwise, so I didn't get them. Now I can go buy them. :)