Friday, July 26, 2013

Kitchen Notes and what's coming in August


 In my previous blog post review of the Campus Snack Cart, I erroneously pronounced the cart as being entirely made of plastic.  Upon further inspection I have discovered that all,  is in fact, not rotten in the state of Denmark! (Sorry for the random Shakespeare reference.) Actually the cart is not made of all plastic- the base is constructed of some type of wood or composite material.  So I stand corrected.  Sorry American Girl.

Now onto what's new at the Pippaloo kitchens....  

After taking a few very relaxing, yet busy months off from making doll food, I am back, firing up the ovens.  I have a few new dolls that have joined the dollhouse this summer and hope to do a blog post on them soon.  Also coming up will be several tutorials- one for making snow cones and the other for pop corn.  Lots of things on my plate so I hope to accomplish them all before September hits.

For August 15th my theme will be Midway munchies and frosty summer treats.  I know, more junk.  We should all eat vicariously through our dolls.  I will update with a menu list in the coming week. 


  1. "Eat vicariously through our dolls"...LOVE it!

  2. So excited to see your tutorials! :D