Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Farewell To Molly



                         A Farewell....and a Tribute

When American Girl recently announced the archival of one of it's original three dolls, Molly McIntire, I knew I had to pay tribute to her, sending her off properly....with a full stomach!  To give Molly a befitting farewell I am devoting this September's menu exclusively to 1940's inspired foods.

Included will be individual meals- breakfasts, lunches and dinners- pairings inspired by real life menu suggestions from the 1940's.

In my research I've been surprised by how similar in nature some food choices of Molly's era are to contemporary pairings. Certain basics have not changed for the American diet in the past seventy-one years.  The four basic food groups were introduced during the 1940's to help people plan more balanced meals.  Food rationing made many basic items we take for granted now scarce, so people had to make do, or do without.

Also for this month, Molly will join her fellow Americans in helping with the war effort by growing a variety of veggies in her very own Victory garden, of sorts.   Victory gardens were popular in the 1940's. Often families and people or groups of people would pool together and plant garden patches in backyards and even public spaces.  This month Molly will be helping the Pipplaoo kitchen cultivate some doll sized home grown veggies for our version of a Victory Garden.    Menu lists to follow in the coming days....

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