Monday, August 5, 2013


I spent most of my upbringing living in the Land of Perpetual Summer... otherwise known as Florida.  So for me there was no great divide between the seasons, no memories attached to foods that signified summer, it all sort of blended together for me.  My husband had the opposite experience, having grown up in western New York.  For him summer had specific smells, sights and tastes.  We are always comparing our hugely different childhoods.

In doing research for this month's theme, I have come to realize that fair foods are incredibly varied and based on regional tastes.  One can find some pretty wild and wacky foods these days at their county fair.   Chocolate covered scorpions, anyone?

While making fair foods for the dolls I decided to stick to the tried and true.  I will let the real life chefs do all the experimenting!

Included alongside the fair foods are a few frosty summer treats- some that dolls can enjoy year round.

All of these items will be available in my Etsy shop on August 15th, 12:00 noon est.

Pippaloo On Etsy

I will be updating with quantities, pictures and prices in the coming week.  I will add items in as well, as time allows.

soft pretzels
pizza slices
whole pizzas
hot dog with ketchup
cheese fries
corn dogs
fried dough
cinnamon rolls
ice cream sandwiches
chocolate covered ice cream bars
chocolate covered ice cream bars with nuts
dipped banana with nuts
dipped banana with sprinkles
caramel apples on a stick with nuts
caramel apples on a stick with sprinkles
ice cream cones
triple scoop ice cream cone
twin pops
watermelon popsicles 
snow cones
orange push pops
sundae cones


  1. Great menu!
    Have you thought about adding candy apples to your menu?

  2. I love candy apples, but I have never been very successful at getting that almost glowing red coating to look just right. There are lots of foods I'd love to offer, but haven't quite perfected just yet.

    I do welcome ideas for new items, it's always fun to do something different.