Thursday, September 5, 2013


                     Reminder Email

I know there are a good many things that are more important than doll food, believe me.  Remembering that I list new items on the 15th every month may not be a top priority.  :)  So if you are interested in having a friendly reminder email sent to you the day before the 15th of each month,  just email me at this address:

Each email will include a complete menu list of items being offered for that month.  Most months are themed or follow the seasonal changes.  I like to vary things and keep it fresh, so I rarely repeat the same items month to month.   

I was hoping to have my tutorial on popcorn ready to go by this time, but other non-doll life issues have been pressing, so I am a little behind.  I hope to have that tutorial a go in the coming month. 

I also wanted to take this time to look ahead to my listing schedule for the holiday season.  I will be listing new items on the 15th, as always  for the months of  September, October and November.   But for the month of December I will be changing things up slightly and will be listing items on Wednesday the 11th of December.  I moved the date up a few days in the hopes that packages arrive in plenty of time for gift giving or doll holiday parties.  


               MOLLY'S 1940'S MENU

Molly and Emily are very excited to share this month's menu list. Most items will be offered in sets together as meals.   

             My doll Penny was happy to be an acceptable stand in for Emily

For Breakfast:

chicken in a basket / toad in the hole-
(a fried egg dropped into toast)
canned peach slices
orange juice

For Lunch:

peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich cut into halves
applesauce cupcake

peanut butter on celery with raisins
oatmeal molasses cookie

For Dinner:

macaroni & cheese
peas & carrots

baked beans
mashed turnips
sliced carrots

Victory Garden Veggie sets

cherry tomatoes

potatoes set with cutting board


lemon chiffon pie
whole molded gelatin
gingerbread cake
oatmeal molasses cookies

A' la carte

sliced peaches- enough to fill a canning jar
seven biscuit set
baked beans
macaroni & cheese
baked beans in a serving dish
macaroni & cheese in a serving dish

If you have specific questions, always feel free to post here or message me in my Etsy store at anytime.  

**A very special shout out and profuse thank you to Miss Haley for generously allowing Molly to come visit with my dolls and model for me for the day.  Molly was ever so agreeable and said she had "just the best time ever".   Thank you Haley!

Items will be available in my Etsy shop on September 15th 12:00 noon est.  

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