Tuesday, October 1, 2013


No, not the adult version.... the doll version, of course!   What's on the menu this October from the Pipplaoo kitchen?  Lots of good ol' fun Halloween party foods and treats.  Plus, I will be posting a tutorial on making popcorn for your dolls in the coming week.

Below is the upcoming menu list for October 15th.  I will amend the list and add more items as time allows, or inspiration hits, as I always say.  
As always, in my Etsy shop I list all my new items on the 15th at 12:00 noon EST.

Please note:  here is my listing schedule for the upcoming holiday season:

October 15th
November 15th
December 11th

Yes, that does state December 11th.  I will be straying a bit from the normal date of the 15th in December to allow packages to arrive in plenty of time for gift giving and holiday parties.  So make a note on your calendar!  I will email a friendly reminder the day before the 11th in December as well. Want a monthly email reminder too?

just email me @    pippaloo.dollfood_reminder@yahoo.com


ham and cheese whole party subs
pigs in a blanket set
Oreo sandwich cookies with milk
Halloween colored lollipops
Halloween colored twister lollipops
candy corn lollipops
candy corn twister lollipops
pumpkin pie slices
mummy face english muffin pizzas
Halloween confetti chocolate cake
Halloween doughnuts set- iced and with sprinkles
spider web chocolate cake
frosted and sprinkled sugar cookies
Halloween shapes sugar cookie cut outs
caramel apples with nuts
caramel apples with sprinkles
Oreo pie
chocolate bars
candy corn
peanut butter cookies
chocolate chip cookies
pumpkin candy corn
pumpkin cheese ball with crackers & pepperoni slices
white chocolate ghosts on a stick
apples & pear fruit set
gummy worms

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