Saturday, November 9, 2013


                                         HAPPY THANKSGIVING

For the month of November I have tried in earnest to offer a variety of foods that will appeal to everyone- some for parties, some for everyday and some for the big day of thanks.   Most items are tailored to the modern dolls, so, apologies in advance to those who collect for historical dolls.  I promise after the new year that I will devote an entire month to foods suited to bygone eras.

Items will be available in my Etsy shop at 12:00 noon EST on November 15th. 

Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.

Whole Roasted Turkey   (2)  43.00

Mr. Turkey comes dressed with a bed of greens, petite carrots, cherry tomatoes and 2 lemon slices. Platter is not included.  Not a bad looking bird...for a vegetarian!

Pan of Roasted Potatoes  (1)  22.00

Potatoes are all separate, individual pieces.  Pan is included.  

Cracker, Fruit & Cheese Presentation Board  (5)  32.00

All pieces are separate and individual.  Wood board is included.

Cornbread set of three  (6)  6.75

Dinner Rolls Set of 5   (4)  6.00

Cracker, Fruit & Cheese Block Presentation Board  (1)  35.00

All crackers are separate and individual.  Wood board is included.  

Holiday Party Cookies  (7)  22.00

Set includes: 4 iced ginger snaps, 4 chocolate dipped, 7 butter spritz and 5 apricot pinwheel cookies

Deviled Eggs set of Nine  (5)  22.00

Crackers with Pepperoni  (1)   17.00

All crackers and pepperoni slices are loose and individual.   Plate is not included.

Autumn Shapes Sugar Cookie Cut-outs  (10)   7.50

Pumpkin Pie set of two slices (8)  5.25

Whole Pumpkin Pie  (1)  21.00

Ham Slice, Green Beans & Mashed Potatoes   (5)  17.00

Hanukkah & Purim Cookie Sets  (5)  20.00

Spaghetti & Meatballs with Breadstick  (2)  15.00

Grilled Cheese with Golden Fish Crackers  (4)  12.50

Breakfast Sets (8)  11.50

Lemon Bars set of three  (5)   7.50

Peanut Butter on Bread set of two  (4)  8.00

Pancakes  (2)   6.25

Hanukkah Twister lollipops- Blue & White (5)  2.00

Hanukkah Swirl Lollipops-  Blue & White set of two (5)   4.00

Holiday Swirl Lollipops set of two  (5)  4.00

Holiday Twister Lollipops (6)     2.00

My dolls Hannah, Paris and Summer wish you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Listing schedule reminder:

Below is my listing schedule for the remainder of the year.  I list new items in my shop on the 15th of each month at 12 noon EST.   However, due to the Christmas holiday, I will be moving up the date in December to the 11th.  The few extra days will hopefully allow for plenty of time to receive packages for gift giving and holiday parties.

November 15th
December 11th

If you would like a friendly reminder emailed to you the day before I list, then email me at:

This month's menu list includes a variety of Thanksgiving holiday staples, as well as few new items and some popular random foods thrown in for fun.  I will be posting a complete list with pics in the coming days.  The 15th is fast approaching, so I am kicking it into high gear!