Monday, December 9, 2013


Well, unfortunately that elusive sun never did come out to smile at me, in spite of my pleas, so we shall have to make do.  So excuse some of the lackluster pics.    As always, quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.

All items will be available in my Etsy shop on 12:00 noon EST December 11th.


Festive Holiday Party Cookie Sets (8)    27.00
Set Includes:
4 gingerbread
3 jelly stars
3 frosted
3 crescents
3 chocolate pecan
7 cherry butter spritz

Holiday Sugar Cookie Cut Out Sets with Faux Silver Tray (19)    8.50
Set Includes:
5 cut out cookies with faux silver tray

Holiday Baking Sets with Chocolate Chip Cookies, Faux Metallic Pan, Butter, Two Eggs & Chocolate Chips (2)   25.50

Set Includes:
6 chocolate chip cookies
stick of butter with 2 pats
2 eggs
faux metallic wood cookie sheet
chocolate chips

Holiday Baking Sets with Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies, Faux Metallic Pan, Butter, Two Eggs, & Chocolate Kisses (2)   25.50

Set Includes:
6 peanut Butter kiss cookies
stick of butter with 2 pats
faux metallic wood cookie sheet
2 eggs

Kit & Ruthie's Holiday Cookie Sets (10)    8.25

Set Includes:
2 round jelly
2 sugar stars
gingerbread man

Cookies For Santa Sets  (10)    8.25

Set Includes One Each:

gingerbread man
chocolate chip cookie
candy cane
frosted with sprinkles
peanut butter kiss cookie

Nutcracker Chocolate Trio  (6)   4.00

Set Includes:
3 chocolate nutcrackers

Stocking Stuffer Candy Sets  (12)     15.00

Set Includes:
Santa on a Stick
6 gummy worms
peppermint stick

Chocolate Frogs- Set of Two  (6)   3.00

French Macarons- Set of Fourteen  (3)   17.00

Tea Party Cookie Sets  (6)     23.00

Set Includes:
7 madelines
3 jelly flowers
5 cherry butter spritz
4 chocolate dipped with nuts
4 pink frosted 

Holiday Twister Lollipops -assorted colors (17)   2.00

Holiday Swirl Lollipops- Set of Two  assorted colors (29)   4.00

Snowman Cake Pop Set of Three   (9)    12.00

Death By Chocolate Layer Cake with Two Slices (1)   25.00

Chocolate Cherry Layer Cake with White Icing with Two Slices  (1)   27.00

Peppermint Brownies Set of Three  (6)    6.00

Brownie Sundaes- Set of Two-  (1)   14.00

Red Velvet Cake Slices- Set of Two   (4)    13.00

Set includes two individual slices only

Confetti Party Cake- Vanilla with Two Slices (2)    28.00

Confetti Party Cake- Chocolate with Two Slices   (1)   28.00

Chocolate Yule Log Cake with Two Slices  (1)   23.00

Tartlet Set of Six- Pecan, Chocolate & Lemon  (3)   18.50

Doughnuts Set of Four  (2)  13.00

Cookies & Milk Set- Three Oreos, Three Nutter Butter Cookies with 2 Glasses of Milk ( 6)  16.00

Chocolate Mint Layered Bars Set of Three (3)    6.25


Veggie & Cheese Cube Appetizer   (1)   25.00

Set Includes:
cheddar cheese cubes
white cheddar cheese cubes
baby carrots
celery sticks
cherry tomatoes

All pieces are loose and individual

Crackers & Pepperoni with Star Cheese Set of Ten   (3)   22.00

Pizza Slices  (8)   4.75

Whole Pizzas (3)   19.00

Ants on a Log (3)    7.00

Hot Dog with Ketchup  (5)   7.00

Ham Slice, Baby Carrots with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy (2)   17.00

Uncrustable Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich with Square Cheese Crackers & Milk (6)   15.00

Ham & Cheese Sandwich with Golden Fish Crackers, an Apple & Milk (6)    20.00

Grilled Cheese Sandwich, a Pear & Cherry-ade Drink (2)   16.00

Ham Turkey & Cheese Small Sub Sandwich with an Apple  (4)   13.00 

6" Sub Sandwich- Turkey, Ham & Cheese (4)   10.00

Meat, Cheese and Roll Spread with Sandwiches (1)  30.00

Set Includes:
line of cheddar
line of white american 
line of ham
line of turkey
6 individual rolls
2 complete sandwiches

Party Nachos with Cheese, Olives and Tomatoes (2)   23.00

Set Includes:
molded nachos with cheese, tomatoes and black olives
4 individual chips
single chip with puddle of cheese


French Toast with Blueberries & Powdered Sugar  (8)   7.50

Cinnamon Roll Set of Two  (7)   7.00

Gingerbread Boy Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Syrup, Orange Juice &  Sausages (4)    24.00

Set Includes:
2 gingerbread boy pancakes with mini chocolate chip buttons & syrup
4 sausages
2 glasses of orange juice

Gingerbread Boy Pancakes with Butter, Syrup, Orange Juice &  Sausages (4)  24.00

Set Includes:
2 gingerbread boy pancakes with butter & syrup
2 glasses of orange juice
4 sausages

If you have any questions about any of the items,  just ask.  I am always happy to clarify.