Monday, December 2, 2013


Remember, this month in my shop, all items will be available at 12 noon EST on December 11th- that's a Wednesday- and NOT on the 15th, as per normal.  Come January, I will resume listing items once monthly on the 15th.

With that out of the way....on to the menu list!

I'e added a few new items to the list with this update.  Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.  I will do a separate post with pictures and descriptions in the coming days.  Truth be told, here in northern OH, sunlight can be sorely lacking this time of the year...or most of the year (but I digress), and unfortunately I am dependent upon it to take decent pics. So hopefully Mother Nature will take pity on me and I can finish up pics and post more.  I have included a few teaser photos though, in the interim. 


Festive Holiday Party Cookie Sets (8)    26.00
Holiday Sugar Cookie Cut Out Sets with Faux Silver Tray (20)    8.50
Holiday Baking Sets with Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tray, Butter, Eggs & Chocolate Chips (2)   25.50
Holiday Baking Sets with PB Kiss Cookies, Tray, Butter, Eggs, & Chocolate Kisses (2)   25.50
Kit & Ruthie's Holiday Cookie Sets (10)    8.25
Cookies For Santa Sets  (10)    8.25
Nutcracker Chocolate Trios  (6)   4.00
Chocolate Frogs- Set of Two  (6)   3.00
French Macarons- Set of Fourteen  (3)   17.00
Stocking Stuffer Candy Sets  (12)     15.00
Tea Party Cookie Sets  (6)     23.00
Holiday Twister Lollipops (17)   2.00
Holiday Swirl Lollipops- Set of Two  (29)   4.00
Snowman Cake Pop Set of Three   (9)    12.00
Death By Chocolate Layer Cake with Slices (1)   25.00
Chocolate Cherry Layer Cake with White Icing with Slices  (1)   27.00
Peppermint Brownies Set of Three  (6)    6.00
Brownie Sundaes- Set of Two-  (2)   14.00
Red Velvet Cake Slices- Set of Two   (4)    13.00
Confetti Party Cake- Vanilla with Two Slices (2)    28.00
Confetti Party Cake- Chocolate with Two Slices   (1)   28.00
Chocolate Yule Log Cake with Two Slices  (1)   23.00
Tartlet Set of Six- Pecan, Chocolate & Lemon  (3)   18.50
Doughnuts Set of Four  (3)  13.00
Party Nachos with Cheese, Olives and Tomatoes (2)   23.00
Cookies & Milk Set- Three Oreos, Three Nutter Butter Cookies with 2 Glasses of Milk ( 6)  16.00
Chocolate Mint Layered Bars Set of Three (3)    6.25


Veggie & Cheese Cube Appetizer   (1)   25.00
Crackers & Pepperoni with Star Cheese Set of Ten   (3)   22.00
Pizza Slices  (8)   5.00
Whole Pizzas (3)   20.00
Hot Dog with Ketchup  (5)   7.00
Ham Slice, Baby Carrots with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy (2)   17.00
Uncrustable Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich with Square Cheese Crackers & Milk (6)   15.00
Ham & Cheese Sandwich with Golden Fish Crackers, an Apple & Milk (6)    20.00
Grilled Cheese Sandwich, a Pear & Cherry-ade Drink (2)   16.00
Ham Turkey & Cheese Small Sub Sandwich with an Apple  (4)   13.00 
6" Sub Sandwich- Turkey, Ham & Cheese (4)   10.00
Meat, Cheese and Roll Spread with Sandwiches (1)  30.00
Ants on a Log  (3)   7.00


French Toast with Blueberries & Powdered Sugar  (7)   7.50
Cinnamon Roll Set of Two  (7)   7.00
Two Gingerbread Boy Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Syrup, Two Glasses of Orange Juice & Four Sausages (4)    24.00
Two Gingerbread Boy Pancakes with Butter, Syrup, Two Glasses of Orange Juice &  Four Sausages (4)   24.00

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