Sunday, May 26, 2013

Looking Ahead...

For the months of June and July the Pipplaoo kitchen will be taking a short break, so there will be no new items on the 15th for those months.    I will most definitley be back in August though- with a whole bunch of new items that I am already excited about getting started on. 

June and July are busy months for me with my girls home from school.   And summer is just too short here in northern Ohio to spend it indoors.  I'm a southern gal who misses the heat and humidity.  Yes,  you did read that right.  I did type that I miss humidity.  :)

My theme for August will be Summer Fun.  I'm not quite far along enough or ready yet to reveal the menu list, but I am hoping to do both classic summer treats and picnic fare. 

In the meantime I am hoping to do some summer tutorials for drinks, snow cones and camp items.  So check back in occasionally.  

Enjoy your summer!


Monday, May 13, 2013

LATE ADDITION for the 15th!

This weekend I felt some inspiration hit.  It wasn't in the form of dolly food though, as per usual.  

Recently  I bought an uncharacteristic green zebra print fabric to make pillows for a living room sofa.  I'm not generally one for animal prints, only in small doses,  but there was something about this print in a sagey green- it was just dreamy to me.   And my very new and very black sofa was in desperate need of some color.  The print really pops against the black microfiber.   I finished those up and that's when the inspiration hit.  I wanted to make something for the dolls.   I haven't sewn for my dolls- or any one else's in over a year.   Is it for lack of wanting...or for lack of time?  Perhaps a little of both. 

When I first opened my shop, my plan was to offer both foods and clothing,  but quickly I realized that the foods were taking the spotlight.  After all, there are lots of shops that offer clothes for American Girl dolls, but not as many that offer foods. 

So, on Mother's Day, I ended up making three different tee shirts for my dolls.    Two upcycled from clothes that were bound for Good Will,  and the other from a green and blue striped knit fabric. 

It's the blue and green striped tee that will be the late addition to my Etsy items for the 15th.  I made four of them.  I had wanted to offer a few dresses as well, but that will have to wait for another month.   

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be sewing again for the dolls! Does this mean I will be offering more clothes come August?  My main focus will always be the foods,  but I would love to be able to squeeze in a few garments here and there.  So we will see!