Monday, January 27, 2014

Product Review: My Twinn Clothing for 18" Dolls

Last year My Twinn released a line of 18" dolls, presumably to compete with American Girl. Competition is good, I always say.  And in this case it benefits us collectors who are always looking for a little variety, whether it's dolls, accessories or both.

In the past I've only purchased bits and pieces from My Twinn,  either furniture or accessories that I felt were in scale for 18" dolls, never with an interest in the clothing or the dolls- since they were all 23".  

I decided to give their new clothing line for the 18" dolls a try.  I ordered two outfits:  a set of pjs and a casual pant and top set. Each set was priced at $19.  

They arrived inside a shipping container in these no frills little bags.  I'd love American Girl to ditch the boxes if it would translate into a little lower price tag.  

All seams are serged with no loose threads, etc.  I've purchased clothing from other 18" doll manufacturers where the seams and edges are not finished or hemmed properly.  So I wasn't sure what to expect here.  I'm not a brand snob, however the fabric was just not quite as soft or appealing as their major market competitor.  Both tops close up the back with velcro.

The pants aren't quite as red in person- they are a bit more of a pink color, I promise.  

My dolls, cousins Sally and Summer volunteered happily to model for me.  And still, again the pants appear red here in this pic.  I will say though, in defense of my lighting and my camera, that the pants actually do not match the pink star on the zebra print top.  They are a kinda berry color.  

I mainly chose these outfits because they were the most reminiscent for me of what girls in the 7-12 old range would actually be wearing.  I should know.  My girls are 9 and 12.  The zebra print top and pant set really reminded me of something you'd see on a hanger in the store Justice. Only the Justice version would have rhinestones and glitter splattered all over it and the fabric 10x cheaper. 

The outfits were very easy to put on the dolls, so no complaints there. Overall I am happy with the two outfits and with the price point.  The quality was not quite on par with American Girl, but definitely a step above some other companies offering mass produced 18" doll clothing. 

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