Monday, February 10, 2014


Well, I was honestly hoping to have more accomplished by now for this month.  I hate to disappoint, but I have had to pare down my original menu list just a little.  Between my girls having a string of unexpected snow days due to the crazy cold weather here in the midwest and me visiting a good friend in San Francisco for awhile, time just seemed to slip by. 

So here is the final menu list with prices, descriptions and quantities. Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis followed by the prices. Some items come grouped together in sets, while others will be sold solo.  

Julie's 1970's Breakfast Set  (9)    10.00

pop tarts
orange juice       

Julie's Groovy Lunch Set  (5)   20.00

tomato soup in glass bowl
dollop of sour cream
grilled cheese sandwich cut lengthwise
smiley face cookie

Fortune Cookies Set of Three  (6)   12.00

Molly's 1940's Breakfast Set  (2)  16.00

toad in the hole
peach slices and strawberries
orange juice

Molly's 1940's Lunch Set  (2)   18.00

peanut butter & jelly sandwich cut lengthwise
oatmeal raisin cookie

Molded Gelatin (2)   15.00

Kit's 1930's Lunch  Set (6)     13.00

open face peanut butter on bread

*milk is included, although not pictured

Aunt Millie's Chocolate Cake Roll with Two Slices (1)  18.00

Basket of Ten Eggs (3)  23.00

*wicker basket is included

Rebecca's Birthday Sponge Cake  (1)  23.00

Rebecca's Hallah  (2)  12.50

Samantha's Victorian Tea Party 

Watercress & Walnut Finger Sandwiches Set of Three  (4)   6.00

Ruby Tea Biscuits Set of Three (3)    8.50

Strawberry Shortcakes Set of Three  (2)  15.00

Blueberry Muffins Set of Five  (4)   12.50

Snickerdoodles Set of Five (4) 8.00

Addy's 1860's Lunch  (3)   17.00

meat pie
love cookies
bunch of grapes

Kirsten's Pioneer Breakfast Set  (3)   15.00

piece of bread
hard boiled egg
sausage patty

Swedish pancakes (3)  11.00

*the two pancakes are not separate

St. Lucia Buns Set of Three  (4)   15.00

Ceclie's & Marie Grace's 1850's Foods

Market Goods Set (3)  26.00

set includes:
4 potatoes
6 okra
2 figs
cheese wedge

Baguette  (2)   10.00

Beignets Set of Two  (5)  10.00

Pralines Set of Four  (3)  16.00

Pecans for Cochon Set of Twelve  (2)  5.00

Caroline's 1812 Dinner Set  (4)   12.50 
Set includes:
mound of baked beans  
two biscuits

Caroline's Burnt Sugar Cake  (2)  16.00

Round Rye Bread (1)  12.00

Colonial Tea Cakes Set (3)  16.50

Set incudes:
Two Queen Cakes
Six Shrewsbury Cakes

Felicity's 1774 Chocolate Cake with  Candied Fruit  (1)   26.00

Roasted Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots in Pan  (1)   36.00

*roasting pan is included

As always, items will be available in my Etsy shop at 12:00 noon EST on the 15th.  All of the items in my shop are sold on a first come first serve basis.  I am unfortunately not able to do custom orders for items that I have featured on my blog here or in my shop previously.  If you have an idea for a completely new item you have not seen me offer,  I am always happy to entertain custom requests.  I love making something new or unexpected.



  1. Hoping to have more accomplished? This is an incredible selection of outstanding food! The variety and choices are amazing. I love the jello and the chicken is wonderful. I really like how you grouped foods to historical time periods (he he..maybe that's why I like the jello). The breads are great looking. Heck, everything looks great. You outdid yourself this month. Thanks for keeping our dolls well fed!

  2. Evrything looks wonderful but the jello is just amazing.

  3. Everything looks outstanding and so very tasty. Will have to come back on March 15.

  4. Wish we had known about this sooner. Felicity is drooling at the chocolate cake!
    ~The OurAGDollhouse dolls @