Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I think a trip to the bakery is a bit like going to Disney World, or even visiting grandma's house.  One can't help but get drawn in, smile and linger, with that warm welcome feeling wrapping about the senses.   
I wanted so much to create a little bakery scene this month for the dolls, in much the same way that I did last February with my candy shop scene.  But I decided to save my energies for other "in the works" projects. Truthfully I have a lot of "in the works" projects hanging about that I need to get a move on.   But who doesn't? 

Below is the final menu list for April 15th.  As always, items will be available in my Etsy shop on a first come first served basis at 12:00 noon EST.  Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.  

cinnamon rolls set of two  (4)    7.00

chocolate frosted brownies set of three (7)    6.50

peanut butter cup pie set of two  (3)    8.00

french macarons set of twelve  (5)  15.50

set of twelve includes two each of:

doughnuts set of four  (11)     14.00

set includes one each of:
glazed twist
pink frosted with sprinkles
jelly with powdered sugar
chocolate iced creme filled

rainbow cake with sprinkles and two slices  (1)   29.00

rainbow cake slices set of two  (3)    9.50

pink frosted vanilla confetti party cake with two slices (1)     28.00

chocolate cake with vanilla icing and two slices ( 1)  26.00

vanilla butter cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles with two slices  (1)  27.00

tea party cookie assortment  (5)  28.00

set includes:

four chocolate dipped madelines with nuts
three flower shaped sugar cookies
eight cherry butter spritz
four heart shaped with dot sprinkles
four sugar coated butter cookies
three tuxedo frosted

frosted and sprinkled vanilla sugar cookie set of five  (8)  8.00

frosted gingersnaps set of five   (3) 7.00

peanut butter cookies set of five  (4)   6.00

bakery fresh cookie assortment  (1)   23.00
set includes:
three sugar cookies
three peanut butter cookies
four frosted and doted with sprinkles
five cherry butter spritz
three frosted gingersnaps

Danish butter cookie set of six (2)  8.00

chocolate frosted cream long john doughnuts set of two  (2)    7.50

cream horns set of three  (3)  12.50

bakery treat set of three (3)  14.00
set includes one each of:
cinnamon roll
chocolate cream long john doughnut
bear claw

carrot cake slices set of two  (2)   9.25

Cookies & cream Oreo pie slices set of two  (4)   8.00

classic cookies set  (2)  13.25

set includes:
three sugared butter cookies
three chocolate chip cookies
three frosted gingersnap cookies

chocolate raspberry torte cake (1)  15.00

If you have questions about any of the items always feel free to message me on Etsy or post here on my blog.  



  1. Incredible! If I owned any of these, chances are I end up eating it on accident >_<

  2. Wow!!! Those are amazing!! I sure do envy your dolls!!!!!!!