Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Spring!

It's finally feeling a bit like springtime here along the shores of Lake Erie, so I am hoping it's not Mother Nature's cruel April fool's joke.   This month's theme, bakery treats, was inspired in part by my need for a sweet distraction from the cruddy weather that is the norm this time of year where I live, and by a friend's daughter, who requested a particular item on this month's menu.  

I am hoping to add just a few more late straggler items to the list, as per usual.  Quantities and prices with pics and descriptions will follow in the coming week.


cinnamon rolls set of two
chocolate frosted brownies set of three
peanut butter cup pie set of two
macarons set of twelve
doughnuts set of four
rainbow cake with sprinkles and two slices
rainbow cake slices set of two
pink frosted vanilla confetti party cake with two slices
chocolate cake with vanilla icing and two slices
vanilla butter cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles with two slices
tea party cookie assortment
frosted and sprinkled vanilla sugar cookie set of five
spring sugar cookie cut outs set of five
decorated Easter egg cookies set of five
frosted gingersnaps set of five
peanut butter cookies set of five
bakery fresh cookie assortment 
Danish butter cookie set of six
chocolate frosted cream long john doughnuts set of two
cream horns set of three
bakery treat set of three
carrot cake slices set of two

Items will be available in my Etsy shop on the 15th of April at 12:00 noon, EST.  

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  1. I have to admit, I had no idea what a long john was till I looked it up, but now I'm super excited! Ireally want to get the carrot cake and the peanut butter cup pie!