Thursday, July 31, 2014


There's still lots of summer left to enjoy, but I must turn my attention, for the moment, to the business of doll food.  For the upcoming 15th my theme will be Backyard BBQ.

Below is the complete menu list including prices, quantities and now pics!

Per usual, items will be available in my Etsy shop on a first come first served basis at 12:00 noon EST on the 15th.



Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices

single hot dog  (8)    7.00

single cheeseburger   (6)     9.00

individual sub sandwich   (5)   9.00

note: sub ends will be sold as well

deviled egg set of nine  (7)    22.50

strawberry shortcakes set of two  (4)    12.00

fruit kabobs set of two  (9)    10.00

molded cherry gelatin  (3)    14.00

patriotic molded gelatin  (2)   16.00

rainbow cup popsicles set of two  (8)   8.00

watermelon cup popsicles set of two  (5)    8.00

patriotic cup popsicles set of two  (5)    8.00

twin popsicles set of three  (5)    13.00

single scoop ice cream cones set of two- one chocolate & one vanilla   (4)   9.50

triple scoop ice cream cone (1)   6.50

raspberry & blueberry chocolate torte (1)   18.00

lemonades with straw set of two  (4)  8.00

cherry drinks set of two  (7)  6.00

a selection of summer dresses:

Summer on the Savanna zebra print halter dress  (1)  22.00

Parisian Flowers halter dress (1)  22.00

Dots for Valentina halter dress (1)  22.00

Miss Elizabeth's pretty in pink check print dress

Katie's A Lady floral print dress with vintage lace bow (1)  22.00

Serafina on Safari crochet trim halter dress (2)  22.00


Looking ahead to the months of September and beyond...

Late in August American Girl is rereleasing from their archives one of the dolls that started it all for them: Samantha Parkington.  She's getting pampered with several new dresses, a new bike and other possible goodies yet to be revealed.   I'm personally excited to see what American Girl has in store for her and for the other dolls that are getting makeovers as well.   

I will be celebrating Samantha's homecoming too, offering some turn of the century foods for September to help welcome her back.  Each month I hope to continue the theme, spotlighting one historical doll and offering a few foods for her from her era and her story. Don't worry- there will still be plenty of foods on the menu month to month for the modern girls.


And just for another small addendum relating to my previous post:

Seems my 13 yr old is at it again...

Addy is looking totally fabulous and thoroughly enjoying the gadgets and the finery of the 21st century.


  1. Oh my, I really shouldn't spend any more money, but BBQ items sound wonderful!!

  2. Wow! You are do good at making doll food! It looks so realistic!