Saturday, September 27, 2014


Kitchen Notes

For this upcoming holiday season my listing dates will be as follows:

October 15th-   Halloween party goodies and Addy's 1860's foods
November 15th-   Thanksgiving meals and desserts- for both modern and historical dolls
December 12th- Holiday treats and eats

Please note: my December listing date has strayed a bit from the normal date of the15th.  These couple of extra days will allow for packages to arrive in plenty of time for gift giving or holiday parties.


Along with a bunch of the traditional and popular Halloween inspired treats, for the upcoming month I will have a few food sets for American Girl's Addy Walker. Escaping slavery during the Civil War, Addy finds freedom and friendship, discovering that both are not always what they seem.

Included will be some harvest and garden veggies, along with a couple of sets inspired by the pages of her books. I will have a complete menu list up, along with more pictures, prices and quantities the first week of October.


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