Friday, October 3, 2014



                  HALLOWEEN MEMORIES

My girls are 13 and 10.  As soon as September hits, after the school routine is set, I start hearing the Halloween costume chitter-chatter. Each one solidly declares "I want to be this" or "I'm gonna be that." Truthfully, they change their minds about a dozen times between September and mid October. I remember being their age, I remember being that carefree and capricious.    I have fond memories of trick or treating back in the late 70's/early 80's.  Just a few months before one Halloween when I was about the same age as my girls, my family and I had moved to a new neighborhood and I can remember being worried about not knowing the streets and the houses well enough,  thinking this would be an impediment to getting the the maximum amount of candy.   Oh dear me. To have those difficulties again!

For this month I had contemplated briefly doing Halloween candies and foods for all the American Girl dolls whose era it would apply to.  However, it was brought to my attention that each doll had, in some way, celebrated some type of harvest party or gathering this time of year.  So where to place my focus or draw the line?  In the end I decided that Addy would get a nod this month.  I shall save the Halloween treats from by-gone eras for another October.

Below is my menu list for October 15th.  As always, items will be available at 12:00 noon est, on a first come first served basis.  Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.

For foods for Addy, I tried very hard to draw from specific scenes in her story that help to illustrate her struggle, her life and times.  

 ~Addy's 1860's Foods~

Addy's Harvest Veggies Set  (2)    26.50

Addy plants a vegetable garden to raise money to help reunite her family, who were torn apart by slavery during the Civil War.   

set includes:
-one butternut squash
-three sweet potatoes
-two turnips 
-six carrots

Addy's Garden Veggies Set  (2)   29.00

set includes:
-fifteen green beans
-five carrots
-five potatoes
-three turnips
-two yellow squash
-one eggplant

Addy's Autumn Veggies Set  (2)  20.00

set includes:
-fifteen green beans
-five carrots
-five potatoes

Addy's Black Eyed Peas and Biscuits (4)   13.00

As Addy studies her spelling bee words, her Momma is hard at work, rolling out dough, making biscuits and cooking black eyed peas. 

-two biscuits
-serving of black eyed peas

Addy's Cornbread and Buttermilk (4)   14.00

Up in the garret, Addy wraps her shawl around her to stay warm and sits down to eat this meal her Momma prepared.  Into a bowl she crumbles some cornbread and pours buttermilk over it.  

set includes:
-two separate pieces of individual cornbread
-bowl with crumbled cornbread and buttermilk

please note:  crumbled cornbread and buttermilk are not removable from bowl.  Cornbread squares are loose and individual.

Addy's Sweet Potato Baking Set (2)   30.00

In her story, Addy and her Momma make sweet potato pudding, but this set would also be suitable for scenes making sweet potato pone or sweet potato pie.   Set is suitable even for dolls in other eras as well. 

set includes:
chunk of butter
cutting board
three eggs
three whole sweet potatoes
one peeled sweet potato
seventeen cut up sweet potato pieces

Addy's peach cobbler  (3)   7.00

In Addy's day peach cobbler was a popular dessert.

~Halloween Treats and Eats~

Oreo cake with two slices  (2)   30.00

Oreo pie whole with three slices  (1)    22.00

Oreo pie slices set of two (4)   8.00

spider web chocolate cake with two slices  (2)   18.00

confetti chocolate cake with two slices   (1)    28.00

frosted & sprinkled brownies set of five   (4)   11.00

plain chocolate brownies set of five  (2)   10.00

 please note: although only three are pictured here, set will include five brownies

pumpkin pie set of two slices    (7)   5.50

whole pumpkin pie- eight individual slices   (2)  22.00

frosted and sprinkled sugar cookies set of five   (9)   8.00

candy apple with sprinkles  (8)   7.00

swirl lollipops set of two  (8)   4.00

twister lollipops set of two  (10)  4.00

Halloween candy set  (4)     13.00

set includes:
-twister lollipop
-white chocolate ghost on a stick
-seven pumpkin candy corn
-fifteen candy corn

gummy worms set of eight  (2)   5.50

dirt pudding cups set of two with two individual gummy worms  (5)    11.50

please note: gummy worm is not removable from the cup

mummy face pizzas set of five  (5)    16.00

apples for bobbing set of five   (2)  20.00

turkey, ham & cheese tortilla roll up sandwiches set of two  (6)   12.50

white chocolate ghosts on a stick set of two   (8)   4.25

If you have any questions about this menu list or anything else, I am always happy to answer. Comment here or message me in my Etsy shop.