Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Here in November, along the shores of Lake Erie, by now most leaves have changed and dropped, the air is crisp and when a nice day hits, people start busying themselves outside... not just raking and prepping for winter- but also stringing up holiday lights and decorations on eaves, porches, etc. They are keenly aware of the impending weather changes that can come full force this time of year, any day.   Having experienced both weather extremes- growing up and living in the deep south and Florida, and now, living in a cold weather climate, I have developed a greater appreciation for November in the south.  I'll get back there someday.

One thing that is generally the same all across the country, north, south, east or west, Thanksgiving will be spent sitting and eating, no matter the weather. For this month in my shop my focus is mostly on traditional holiday foods, both sweet and savory.

This month's historical focus in on American Girl's Rebecca and on foods for Sukkot, the traditional Jewish fall harvest celebration of giving thanks.   In Rebecca's mystery book, A Bundle of Trouble, her family enjoys their week long celebration, eating their meals under a rooftop Sukkot.  As part of the tradition, families build small outdoor dwellings covered loosely with branches. The holiday commemorates the forty year period during which the children of Israel were wandering the desert, living in temporary shelters.  I've tried to create foods for Rebecca that reflect her era and her culture.

November Menu List

As always, items in my shop are listed on a first come first served basis on the 15th at 12:00 noon est.

~Thanksgiving  Dinner & Dessert Menu~

Whole Roasted Turkey with Garnishes  (2)   45.00

whole turkey
six petite carrots
lemon wedge
eight plastic green sprigs

Cooked Sliced Carrots in a Serving Dish    (1)      17.00

molded carrots
ceramic serving dish

Mashed Potatoes  with Gravy Set of Two  (4)  8.50

Mashed Potatoes with Butter in a Serving Dish  (1)   14.00

mashed potatoes with butter
ceramic serving dish

Candied Sweet Potatoes in a Pan with Added Single Serving   (1)   26.00

large molded sweet potatoes
metal pan
single serving of sweet potatoes

please note:  potatoes are removable from pan

Clover Leaf Rolls Set of Five (1)    12.50

Corn Muffins Set of Five  (2)  11.50

Peeled Potatoes Set with Cutting Board  (2)  17.00

five whole potatoes
one peeled potato
four potato peels
cutting board

Pumpkin Pie Slices Set of Two  (13)   5.50

Pecan Pie with Two Slices  (2)   28.00

Lemon Bars Set of Two ( 7)   7.00

Pumpkin Spice Cake Squares Set of Two  (6)  8.50

Mixed Nuts in a Bowl  (4)   24.00

glass bowl
molded insert with seven attached nuts
twenty-four loose individual nuts including
 -brazil nuts

Pumpkin Roll with Two Slices  (2)  16.00

Festive Fall Cookie Set  (6)  21.00

four apricot pinwheels
five iced gingersnaps
four dipped nut acorn cookies
eight cherry spritz

Autumn Shapes Cookie Set  (6)   14.50

four chocolate topped pecan cookies
three sprinkled acorns
two iced leaves

Chanukah Cookie Set  (6)    11.00

three dradles
two stars

Candy Corn Shape Cookies Set of Five (6)   9.00


Thanksgiving Dinner #1  (6)  23.00

turkey slice with gravy
cooked sliced carrots
mashed potatoes with gravy
corn muffin

Thanksgiving Dinner #2  (6)    23.00

turkey slice with gravy
candied sweet potatoes
green beans
clover leaf roll

~Rebecca's Sukkot Foods~

In Rebecca's book, for their Sukkot meal, her family prepares cabbage stuffed with meat.  I would love to have been able to realistically create that meal- but my talents do have their limits. So I decided to sub in a roast chicken.  Hope no one minds too terribly.  

Rebecca's Whole Roasted Chicken  (3)  19.00

Rebecca's Kreplach in a Bowl (3)   13.00

These traditional dumplings are often filled with ground meat, cheese or veggies.  Here they swim in a delicate broth with carrots and parsley.

please note:  includes ceramic bowl, however food is not removable from the bowl

Rebecca's Side of Carrots and Peas with Roasted Potatoes  (7)   15.00

Rebecca's Oven Roasted Potatoes in a Pan (1)  22.00

metal pan
loose individual potatoes

Rebecca's Challah  (5)  11.50

Rebecca's Honey Cake (2)   14.00

As always, if you have any questions about the foods or about anything- comment here or message me in my Etsy shop.