Thursday, December 4, 2014


To start- a friendly reminder:  new items will be listed on Friday the 12th of this month, and not the 15th, as per normal.   Historically, I move the day up from the 15th in December to allow extra time for packages to arrive for gift giving and the holidays.

This month's historical selections include items for American Girl's Molly, Josefina and Samantha.  I wish I had time to squeeze in food for a couple more dolls, but it shall have to wait for another day. In the new year I will continue to spotlight a different historical doll and era each month.

Below is the list of items that will be available in my Etsy shop December 12th at 12:00 noon est.   Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.


Whole Partly Sub Sliced into Five Sections  (1)   25.00

Crackers Topped with Ham & Star Cheese Cut Outs- Set of Ten    (2)    19.00

Cheese, Cracker and Tomato Appetizer Set    (1)    20.00
set includes:
-22 crackers
-24 cheese cubes
-16 tomatoes

Block of Cheese with Cheese Cubes & Crackers Party Spread- with Wood Serving Board   (1)  23.00
set includes:
-18 cubes of cheese
-brick of Colby/Monterey Jack cheese with one slice
-24 crackers- two varieties
-red oak serving board

Cheese, Cracker & Fruit Presentation Board   (2)   26.00
set includes:
-2 strawberries
-20 crackers- two varieties
-block of swiss cheese
-block of cheddar cheese
-red oak serving board

Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Olive Skewers Set of Three   (6)   14.00

Holiday Tea Party Treat Sets (6)    16.00
set includes:
-4 chocolate heart cookies
-5 thumbprint cherry cookies
-8 Russian tea cakes
-3 red velvet cremes
-5 iced and sprinkled cut out stars

Let It Snow Cookie Sets  (10)    11.00
set includes:
-3 round snowman face cookies
-two types of decorated snowflake sugar cookies
-5 mini sprinkled & iced snowman cookies

Holiday Sugar Cookie Cut Out Sets On Faux Silver Tray  (12)    8.00
set includes:
-faux silver tray

Cookies For Santa Sets  (10)    8.25
set includes:
-gingerbread boy cookie
-snowflake cut out
-m&m cookie
-candy cane cookie
-cherry spritz cookie

Fancy Festive Cookie Sets (6)     24.00
set includes:
-3 Linzer stars
-5 decorated & sprinkled sugar cookies
-5 almond crescents
-4 chocolate dipped pistachio fingers
-6 cherry spritz

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies Set of Five   (5)      7.00

Iced & Sprinkled Sugar Cookies Set of Five   (8)       7.00

Iced & Sprinkled Star Sugar Cookie Sets of Five   (3)    6.50

Fancy Mini Cherry Gelatin  (1)    8.00

Peppermint Layer Cake with White Fancy Frosting and Two Slices   (1)    17.00

Chocolate Party Cake with Sprinkled White Frosting and Two Slices   (1)     27.00

Chocolate Triple Layer Torte with Raspberries & Cream  (2)   17.00

Red Velvet Triple Layer Cake Slices with White Fancy Frosting Set of Two   (3)  13.00

Peppermint Bark & English Toffee Candy Set   (5)   11.00
set includes:
-3 pieces of English toffee
-3 pieces of peppermint bark

Stocking Stuffer Candies Set  (11)     8.00
set includes:

-chocolate Santa on a stick in cellophane wrapper
-candy cane
-holiday twister lollipop

Swirl Lollipop Set of Two-   (2)  4.00


Ham & Cheese Lunch Set   (4)   20.00
set includes:
-ham & cheese sandwich cut in half
-golden fish crackers

Grilled Cheese Lunch Set  (7)    20.00
set includes:
-grilled cheese sandwich cut in half
-golden fish crackers

Sub Sandwich Lunch Set  (5)   20.00
set includes:
-sub sandwich section
-square cheese crackers

Corn Dog Lunch Set  (4)    13.50
set includes:
-corn dog
-fruit cup

"Un-Crusted" Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Lunch Set  #1 (4)   15.00
set includes:
-round crustless peanut butter & jelly sandwich
-square cheese crackers
-orange juice

"Un-Crusted" Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Lunch Set #2  (2)   15.00
set includes:
-round crustless peanut butter & jelly sandwich
-cherry drink

Chicken Noodle Soup Lunch Set   (5)   22.00
set includes:
-chicken noodle soup in a glass bowl
-2 crackers
-orange juice

Milk & Cookies Set   (10)   14.00
set includes:
-2 chocolate sandwich cookies
-2 chocolate coated candy cookies
-2 "butter nutter" cookies
-2 milks

French Bread Pizza Slice  (3)    6.00

Whole Pizza with Three Individual Slices  (1)    19.00

Pizza Slices Set of Two-  (12)   4.75

Whole Pizza cut into Eighths (eight individual slices)  (2)   19.00

Chocolate Pretzels Set of Three  (3)   4.75

Peanut Butter on Bread Set of Two   (3)   8.50


Bagels with Plain Cream Cheese Set of Two  (2)     6.25

Bagels with Strawberry Cream Cheese Set of Two  (5)    6.25

Cinnamon Roll Set of Two  (9)     7.00

Pancake Stack of Two with Butter & Syrup   (5)   6.50

Egg, Sausage and Toast Set   (6)    7.00

Gingerbread Boy Pancake & Sausage Breakfast Set   (6)    12.00
set includes:
-gingerbread boy pancake with heart pat of butter & syrup
-2 sausage links
-orange juice


Molly awoke that December morning to the familiar smell of cinnamon- Mom must be making sticky buns as a surprise for breakfast, she thought.  After enjoying her treat, she and Ricky began the task of bringing out the Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Molly's Christmas Story Sticky Buns and Milk Set  (5)   10.00
set includes:
-two sticky buns

In Samantha's day, and throughout the 19th century, plum pudding was a must have at an elegant holiday table.  This one is sweet glazed and dotted with a festive ivy sprig.

Samantha's Plum Pudding  (1)  15.50
set includes:
-plum pudding
-ivy sprig

On Christmas Eve, la noche buena, Josefina attends a party at the Garcia's house. Josefina knew there would be music and dancing and a wonderful feast, and that her sister Ana would bring a tray piled high with traditional sweet bizcochito cookies.

Josefina's Bizcochito Cookie Set   (5)   11.50
set includes:
-4 stars
-4 crescents
-4 circles

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Thanks and happy holidays!