Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year

The new year is off and running and I'm finally enjoying a few quiet moments after all the holiday hubbub.  Winter break always seems to be a crazy time with my girls home and company visiting and parties all around, so it's nice at last to sit quietly in solitude, in my work space, churning out the doll goodies.

Looking ahead just for a moment to spring...
With American Girl's Girl of The Year Grace being a baker, I plan to devote an entire month to French pastries, treats and decadent desserts for her to display in her bakery or sell on her pastry cart. More on that in the coming month though.

With this month's Valentine theme there will be lots of sugary goodies to go around for now, plus, in my historical spotlight will be American Girls' Julie.

I am resuming listing all my new items on the 15th at 12:00 noon est each month.  The menu list for the 15th is below.

As always, items are listed on a first come first served basis. Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.


Pink Pastel Party Cake with Two Slices  (1)     24.00

Triple Layer Neapolitan Cake with Two Slices  (1)    24.00

Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Two Slices  (1)    22.00

Rainbow Cake with Sprinkles and Two Slices  (2)    27.50

Rainbow Cake Slices Set of Two  (3)    9.50

Heart Shaped Swirl Lollipops Set of Two  (10)     4.00

Swirl Lollipops Set of Two  Assorted Colors (14)   4.00

Valentine Chocolates Set of Seven  (6)    8.00

Heart Shaped Creme Whoopie Pies Set of Six  (5)    8.50

Pastel French Macarons Set of 12   (5)     14.50

Colorful French Macarons Set of 12  (5)     14.50

White Chocolate Pretzels with Dots Set of Five   (8)    9.00

Be My Valentine Cookies Set of Eight    (6)    6.00

set includes:
three large sugar sprinkled hearts
five frosted and dotted hearts

Valentine Tea Party Cookies Set of Twenty One  (7)    22.00

set includes:
three Linzer heart cookies
six madeleines
four chocolate dipped with nuts
five frosted and sprinkled sugar cookies
three lemon cremes

Peanut Butter Lovers Cookies Set of Eight  (6)    10.00

set includes:
four peanut butter kiss cookies
four peanut butter cookies

Frosted & Sprinkled Heart Shaped Cookies Set of Five  (9)    7.50

Mini Heart Shaped Gelatin  (1)     8.00

Cherry Gelatin  (2)     14.00

Swedish Fish & Gummy Worms Candy Set  (5)   8.00

Brownies In a Pan  (1)   14.50

set includes:
six individual brownies
metal pan
whole uncut section of brownies

please note: all brownies are removable from pan


Julie's Meatloaf Dinner Set   (6)    21.00

After spending the weekend with her Dad, Julie returns home Sunday night to the delicious smell of her Mom making meatloaf and mashed potatoes- with cherry pie for dessert!

set includes:
slice of meatloaf with gravy
serving of sliced carrots
mashed potatoes with gravy

Julie's Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup & Crackers   (9)  19.00

set includes:
grilled cheese sandwich cut in half lengthwise
two soda crackers
bowl of tomato soup

The classic tomato soup and grilled cheese has long been a popular lunch choice- even in Julie's day. Sometimes it's nice to see that not everything changes.

please note:  bowl is made from glass

Julie's Fortune Cookies Set of Three   (7)   12.00

Julie & Ivy visit a fortune cookie factory in Chinatown where each girl is given a fresh, warm cookie to enjoy.  They are instructed to look inside for a happy new year fortune.

Julie's Nachos with Cheese  (7)    14.50

After school, while watching Little House on the Prairie, Julie fixes herself a plate of nachos with cheese in the toaster oven.


Julie's Snow Cones Set of Two  (8)  10.00

Together Julie and Ivy take a bike ride through Golden Gate Park, enjoying the outdoors and sharing a couple of rainbow colored snow cones.


This spring I will be devoting an entire month to foods for American Girl's Grace.   That means there will be plenty of French pastries, goodies and a whole host of desserts inspired by her books.

My Grace is modeling an outfit made especially for her by Etsy seller, Cupcake Cutie Pie.

Cupcake Cutie Pie features detailed, quality one of a kind garments and ensembles for American Girl dolls and Bitty Babies.  Check out her shop here. She whipped up this sheer polka dot top and French bulldog set for me, perfect for Grace on her travels to Paris.

If you have any questions about any of the foods- or about anything else- post here on the blog, or message me in my Etsy shop.

And because I know doll food is not everyone's #1 priority, if you want a friendly reminder the day in advance of my sale, just click on the EMAIL REMINDERS & UPDATES on the header at the top of the page and I will add you to my email list.  Thanks.