Tuesday, April 7, 2015


When I first learned that this year's Girl of The Year from American Girl was going to be a baker, I was naturally excited.  Finally a modern doll whose story centers around food!   And not only just food- but more precisely- sweets and desserts- my doll food wheelhouse.  The idea that Grace's story and her collection would have a French influence was intriguing.   I had made macarons and baguettes before- but I was hoping that her story would open up the possibility for something less obvious, yet still traditionally French. And it has.

American Girl's design team did a fine job with Grace's collection. Overall the color palette and the designs are appealing and cohesive. I even feel their attempts at fancy French desserts were not entirely unacceptable, when compared to some of their past culinary disasters (unappetizing nachos, anyone?).   Their grand French Bakery is impressive, albeit pricey, with some fabulous accessories and tons of play value.  The Pastry Cart and the Bistro Set as well are great quality sets with an opportunity for both food play and display.

For the upcoming 15th for Grace, once again, as I always do, I had a lengthy and ambitious list of desserts and foods planned, some plucked directly from Grace's story, and some inspired by real French pâtisseries.  Time and circumstance have once again not been my friend this month, so about half of the items I had hoped to complete are still just ideas on paper or visions in my head.   However, this gives me the perfect opportunity to spotlight Grace once again some time later on this year,  closer to the holidays.   A third and final book in American Girls Grace's series will be released this summer, hopefully with even more food inspiration to draw from to expand my list.


As always, items will be available in my Etsy shop on the 15th at 12:00 noon est, on a first come first served basis.  Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.

Pastel Macarons set of fourteen    (8)   17.50

Bright Macarons set of fourteen   (8)     17.50

Traditional Macarons set of fourteen  (8)    17.50

Large Raspberry Macarons set of two  (6)   14.00

Madeleines set of ten  (7)    12.00

set includes:
-five plain madeleines
-five chocolate dipped madeleines

Croissants set of two  (10)  11.50

Cinnamon Rolls set of two  (12)   7.00

Baguette  (18)  6.50

Napoleon set of two (3)  16.00

Triple Berry Tartelettes set of two (8)   16.00

Raspberry Tartelette set of two  (9)   12.00

Mille-Feuille aux Framboises set of two  (6)  16.00

Chocolate Opera set of two   (4)   10.00

Swirl Lollipops set of two  (8)    4.00

Assorted pairings of lollipops in Grace's signature colors: aqua, red, pink and white

Swirl Lollipop set of four  (1)   8.00

One of each type of Grace's lollipops

If you have any questions about the list or anything else, message me in my Etsy shop or post here on the blog.


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