Friday, August 7, 2015


Pippaloo is back!

Yes, I have enjoyed my satisfying summer respite from all things doll food. The season is not quite over yet, but as promised, I have returned here in August with a super cool Sunday Summer Brunch themed menu list.  I hope everyone's dolls are hungry!

As always, items are listed at 12:00 noon EST on the 15th of each month, first come first served. Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.    I really tried in earnest this month to make larger quantities of the more popular items, mixing equal parts sweet and savory. Hope you and your dolls enjoy my brunch selections.

                        ~SUNDAY SUMMER BRUNCH~

Mini Blueberry Muffins Set of Three (12)                7.50

Mini Double Chocolate Chip Muffins Set of Three  (9)       7.50

Pancakes with Syrup and Butter  (5)           6.50

Silver Dollar Pancake Stack on a Stick With Syrup & Blueberry Garnish Set of Two  (5)    9.50

French Toast with Butter and Syrup and Two Sausages   (10)         9.50

Fried Egg with Two Sausage Links and Toast   (12)       7.50

Spinach Quiche with Three Slices  (3)       2 0.00

Spinach Quiche Slices Set of Two  (3)       6.75

Cherry Gelatin  (5)          13.00

Mini Cherry Gelatin  (1)      8.00

Lemon Granita with Lemon Garnish Set of Two   (7)      6.75

Orange Juice Set of Two    (5)       6.00

Iced Lemonade Set of Two  (8)       6.75

Cherry/Cranberry Juice Set of Two  (4)       6.00

Mini Sticky Buns Set of Two  (6)        7.50

Mini Croissants Set of Two    (10)      10.00

Bagel with Cream Cheese Set of Two   (5)     7.00

Turkey Sandwich on a Kaiser Roll  (6)      7.50

Sliced Kaiser Rolls Set of Three    (2)     8.00

Strawberry Cream Triple Layer Torte Cake (1)     20.00

Chocolate Raspberry Triple Layer Torte Cake    (3)      17.00

Triple Layer Vanilla Sponge Cake with Fresh Blueberries & Raspberries   (2)      19.00

Toad in the Hole (fried egg nested in toast)    (6)          7.25

Croissant Sandwiches with Egg, Ham & Cheese Set of Two  (5)      14.00

Fruit Skewers Set of Two   (15)        13.00

Deviled Eggs Set of Nine   (8)         21.00

Cream Puffs Set of Two   (20)        10.00

Blueberry Tartlets Set of Two  (6)     11.00

Lemon Tartlets Set of Two   (6)     11.00

Watermelon Slices Set of Two   (9)      12.00

Hash Browns Set of Two  (8)    13.25

From Etsy Seller 
Unending Treasures

And I'm continuing with my series of posts to help promote doll clothes sellers- on and off Etsy- whose wares and customer service I find first rate.   One of my all time favorite color combinations is pink paired with green- in any shade, hue or tone.   My Doll Meghan is modeling a three piece set from the Etsy seller Unending Treasures. You can find her shop here.  Her shop features trendy hand-made-in-America clothes for 18"girl dolls and boys. She offers separates as well as complete outfits and accessories.  I love the fun heart print of the knit skirt and the quality of the workmanship and fabric.   Mostly I love the versatility - I can easily mix and match these pieces with other outfits. 

I hope everyone and their dolls have been enjoying their summer so far. Sadly, it will be over in a number of weeks, as students will return to school and cool temps will start to slowly creep in.

Looking ahead to next month... I will be doing a farewell tribute to American Girl's Caroline in September with foods inspired by her era and her stories. More on that in the coming weeks.

Please keep in mind that I am not able to take on custom requests for items I have previously offered in my shop or featured here on the blog.  And because I know we all have infinitely busy lives- if you want to join my email list to receive monthly reminders on the 14th- the day before my items go live- give me a shout out at