Saturday, September 5, 2015


Earlier this year American Girl announced the archival of one of their beloved historical characters, Caroline Abbot.  Courageous and headstrong, Caroline helps her family in the fight against the British along the shores of Lake Ontario during the War of 1812.

Caroline's story is personally one of my favorites- and I felt that most of her her collection was appealing and well designed.  I suppose sales did not support my opinion, thus the archival.  Her collection and silhouette failed to capture the attention of target aged girls.  Sadly my own target aged girl had zero interest in her, her pretties or accessories.

To honor Caroline and give her a deserved and befitting send-off, this month I am devoting my menu list exclusively to foods inspired by her stories.

As always, new items in my shop are listed on the 15th of each month, on a first come, first served basis at 12:00 noon EST.   Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices.

                                  ~CAROLINE'S MENU LIST~

Garden Veggie Set (7)     16.50
set includes-
five potatoes
five whole carrots
eight unshelled lima beans

During summer in Caroline's day every family tended to a garden.  Pulling weeds and turning soil would have been a routine chore for Caroline.  Vegetables like potatoes, carrots and beans were garden staples.

Baked Beans & Buttered Bread  (9)  12.50
set includes-
serving of baked beans
slice of thick cut bread with butter

Before heading out to bring provisions to her mother at the shipyard, Caroline quickly eats a hearty lunch of baked beans and warm bread dripping with butter.

Biscuits Set of Three (8)   7.00

Biscuits have been a staple food long before Caroline's day.  Just as they are today, many were eaten with a smearing of butter or fresh jam, or perhaps even plain.

 Burnt Sugar Cake (3)    16.00

For Caroline's birthday dinner her mama and grandmother prepared a feast- stuffed whitefish, lima beans, cabbage and apples- and for dessert- a burnt sugar cake.

Ginger Cakes Set of Five (5)    5.00

Caroline invites her good friend Seth to stay for dinner by enticing him with the promise of her Grandmother's ginger cakes.

Raspberry Cobbler Pie (1)   16.50
Cornbread Squares Set of Three (8)   7.00

After repelling a British attack on the harbor,  Caroline's family invites the shipyard workers back to their home for a celebratory picnic supper, including cornbread and raspberry cobbler.

Baking bread was Caroline's least favorite chore, as her loaves always seemed to turn out heavy and hard, but with her Grandmother by her side, she was learning.

Round Rye Bread (2)   12.00

Large Braided Bread (2)  11.00

Large Round Crusty Bread (2)   11.00

Small Round and Braided Bread Set (4)   17.00

Christmas Dinner Ham Set (2)     28.00
set includes-
large ham
bed of greens
seven petite carrots
six pieces of cut roasted potatoes

An excerpt from Caroline's story...
"Christmas day had come and wonderful aromas had been drifting from the kitchen all day. Caroline picked up the heavy platter and inhaled the rich scent of ham. For most of the year only salted and smoked pork was available, but Grandmother had purchased a juicy fresh ham for Christmas dinner." 

As always, if you have any questions about any of the items always feel free to contact me in my Etsy shop.


  1. Lovely items! Hopefully I may purchase some items before they sell out. I love Burnt Sugar Cake, I had some for my birthday.
    Caroline @

    1. Thanks! I've seen recipes and images for burnt sugar cake and have been looks delicious. Which recipe did you use?

    2. Mama made me an old-time burnt sugar cake, and I found one similar here:
      Here is a more modern one:

      I hope these help you!
      ~Caroline @

  2. I can't wait to see the food! I heard about you from DollyDormDiaries' blog.

    1. I definitely will be purchasing some of your items! Very detailed!

  3. WOW!! Everything looks so real and PERFECT!! If I had money, I'd totally buy some food from you! You are very talented! :)

  4. Yummy! I hope Momma can get something this time!

  5. Wow. Your clay food always takes my breath away... it's so realistic! It would be really cool if you'd make some YouTube videos about your techniques. ;)