Saturday, November 7, 2015


Earlier this year in this blog post, I promised to revisit the popular bakery theme for Grace- American Girl's girl of the year. Back in April I offered an assortment of sweet treats, some inspired by her books and some inspired by the patisseries of Paris. This month I am picking up where I left off and offering some of the same goodies- plus I've added in a few fun new desserts and cakes to the menu.

I wanted to insert this worthwhile reminder here about my menu list and sale for the month of December: I will be straying a bit from the normal date of the 15th for next month.  My sale date will be the 12th of December- instead of the normal 15th. This change will hopefully allow a little extra time for the postal service to deliver packages in time for holiday gift giving.

As always, items in my Etsy shop are available on a first come first served basis at 12 noon EST. The menu list below will be available next Sunday, the 15th of November.

Quantities that will be available are in parentheses, followed by the prices.

                               BAKERY TREATS 

Mini Croissants Set of Two   (11)     9.00

Croissants Set of Two   (7)    11.00

Baguette   (9)    6.50

Braided Bread   (3)    10.00

Confetti Party Cake-Chocolate Iced with Two Slices   (1)    25.00

Chocolate Cherry Triple Layer Torte Cake   (1)     17.50

Raspberry & Chocolate Triple Layer Torte Cake  (2)    17.00

Triple Layer Vanilla Cake with Blueberries & Raspberries   (1)    17.00

Coconut Layer Cake with Two Slices   (1)      23.00

Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Two Slices   (1)   22.00

Carrot Cake with Two Slices   (2)      28.00

Chocolate Royal- French Pastry   (2)   11.00

Chocolate Opera Set of Two  (5)  10.00

Cream Horns Set of Two    (8)     8.00

Cream Puffs Set of Two   (9)    8.00

Bear Claws Set of Two   (3)     10.00

Mini Chocolate Royal (single)  (4)     8.00

Napoleons Set of Two   (8)    15.00

Large Raspberry Macarons Set of Two   (5)   14.00

Madeleines Set of Ten    (10)   12.00

Cinnamon Rolls Set of Two   (7)   7.50

Mini Blueberry Tartlets Set of Two   (5)   10.50

Mini Chocolate & Raspberry Tartlet Set of Two  (4)   10.50

Mini Lemon Tartlets Set of Two   (6)    10.50

Mini Raspberry Tartlets Set of Two   (6)    11.50

Triple Berry Tartlets Set of Two   (5)    14.00

Pastel Macaron Set of Twelve   (11)    14.50

Grace's Signature Color Macaron Set of Twelve    (10)   14.50

Rainbow Macaron Set of Twelve  (6)    14.50

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