Saturday, March 5, 2016



...Of course one might not believe that, given the the view from my front windows. Snow still falling, the yard generously dusted with white.  I can see something green making an attempt at pushing through, up past the snow.  A few bulbs have shot up thinking their day has come, but I feel so badly for them this time of year.  Mother Nature sure can play dirty tricks. Alas.  

March generally means two things in my shop:  Easter goodies and Girl Scout cookies.  I have delivered on both points.  Sadly, there is no historical spotlight this month. I hope to make up for it in the coming months.

Looking ahead...I will be devoting the entire month of April to savory foods alone. I know my selections are generally heavy on the sugar, so for those dolls who have been craving some healthier options- April will be their month!  

New items in my shop are listed once a month, on the15th at 12:00 noon EST, on a first come first served basis.  Below is a list of the items that will be available next Tuesday March 15th.  Quantities that will be available are in parentheses, followed by the prices.


Carrot Cake Squares Set Of Three (7)  10.00

Chocolate Frosted & Sprinkled Brownies Set of Five  (5)  9.00

Rainbow Confetti Cake with Two Slices (3)  26.50

Carrot Cake with Two Slices  (2)  28.00

Triple Layer Strawberry Cream Torte  (1)   16.00

Coconut Cake with Two Slices  (2)   23.00

Pink Frosted Party Cake with Two Slices  (1)   24.00

Double Chocolate Cake with Two Slices  (1)  22.00

Strawberry Parfaits Set of Two  (6)    11.50

Dirt & Worms Set of Two with Two Additional Gummy Worms  (9)    11.50

Twin Swirl Lollipops Set of Two (3)   4.00

Pink Frosted and Sprinkled Cookies Set of Five (8)   7.50

Marshmallow Bunnies Set of Three  (6)   7.00

Rock Candy Set of Three-   (4)   8.00
one pink
one green
one blue

Rock Candy Set of Three- (6)  8.00
one yellow
one purple
one blue

Chocolate Bunny Set of Three- Mommy & Two Baby Bunnies  (8)   7.50

Easter Candy Set #1  (6)   12.00
-large chocolate bunny
-twister lollipop
-three marshmallow chicks

Easter Candy Set #2  (12)  11.00
-chocolate bunny
-rock candy
-swirl lollipop
-two marshmallow bunnies

Hot Cross Buns Set of Three  (8)  10.00

Deviled Eggs Set of Nine  (6)  20.00

Braided Easter Bread Ring  (2)  16.00

Eggs Set of Ten  (4)  16.00

Crescent Rolls Set of Three  (6)  8.00

Au Gratin Potatoes in a Ceramic Serving Dish (2)   16.00

Glazed Carrots in a Ceramic Serving Dish  (2)  16.50

Spinach Quiche with Two Slices  (2)   20.00

Whole Roasted Ham with Garnishes (2)   39.00
-whole ham
-four and one half orange slices
-three cherry tomatoes
-three petite carrots
-bed of plastic greens

Girl Scout Cookie Assortment Set of Ten  (26)    15.00

My doll Hannah is proudly sporting her troop's uniform.  I purchased this set from Etsy seller Camelot's Treasures.  The set includes the iconic green sash with various faux patches and troop number, along with a a snappy pair of khaki shorts and a soft white cotton button up polo. Camelot's treasures features fashionable and affordable fashions for 18" dolls.  

If you have any questions about any of the foods, or anything else, feel free to post here on the blog or message me in my Etsy shop.