Thursday, July 7, 2016


This is a long overdue post and one that has been on my mind for weeks now. Ive been away from my shop and the doll world in general for a few months. Sometimes it's necessary to step away to reboot, refresh and reevaluate.  And I definitely needed a break. Several personal and family obligations have been cutting into my shop time- time that I devote to Pippaloo- basically since last December.  It was becoming a struggle to make it all happen each month. Something that was supposed to be fun and bring me joy was starting to become a source of great frustration and sorrow. So I took an early summer hiatus staring in May to do a little of that rebooting, refreshing and reevaluating.

Thankfully though, without getting too specific, over the course of the last few months, one of the personal issues has been dealt with and I'm feeling reenergized on that particular front.  The family obligation is another story however. But I hope to work around that better this fall.  Most likely that will translate into offering a reduced number of items each month and fewer spotlights on the historical dolls.  And unfortunately, given the more limited amount of time I will have to devote to my shop, I will not be able to take on any custom work as well.  I'm not thrilled with any of these choices and changes, but in a few years when my girls are older and away in college I will have every minute of every day to devote to Pippaloo.

So there were no new items for this May or June... and continuing that trend, there will be no new items for July or August.  However, I will be returning in September- on the 15th with a new, yet undecided theme and menu list.

More immediately, my plan for this summer is to do a blog post showcasing my custom dolls,  which I will be adding two more of to the mix very soon.

I want to thank you everyone for their patience, kind words and mostly for putting up with my shops's crazy quick sell outs, one day a month sales, limited quantities, Etsy glitches and the random clerical error.  I know I don't have the easiest shop to buy from each month- knowing that, I appreciate the effort all that much more.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, cooling off in their favorite spots... or if you're like me, taking pleasure in the heat!



  1. Can't wait for your return! Hope everything goes good with your family. Looking forward to the custom doll post!

  2. Gosh, we certainly totally understand! We had to 'step away' for nearly a year! Just too much life to deal with and not enough time for fun dolly time! Can't wait til you come up with some more "gotta have" goodies for us to drool over!

  3. Hi!
    It's definitely time to take care of you and your family. No worries about time away; we are patient and completely understand needing to take a step back. We're looking forward to your upcoming posts and creations.
    Best wishes!
    ~Xyra (and Melody)