Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Looking ahead to the month of December...

Unfortunately, due to family and personal obligations, there will be no new items for the month of December.  I have very much struggled with this decision for the past couple of weeks. Early last month I was hoping that I could multitask all the various commitments and press through to get it all accomplished.  No part of me wants to hastily throw together a few items and call it a day. Totally not my style. So the decision was made to forgo the month, postponing my picnic theme for just a bit longer.

My hope is that I will be able to get back to cooking up new foods and menu lists in the new year.  I will update the blog with more info in January.

Hoping everyone and their dolls has a very merry and magical holiday!  


Monday, November 7, 2016


                             WELCOME MELODY!

Melody Ellison is American Girl's newest historical character.  Her year is 1964.  She's an optimistic girl who lifts her voice for others and stands up for what is right.  

The 1960's were a turbulent time- when civil rights, the feminist movement, antiwar sentiment and counterculture all came together to create a wave of change in America- change that continues to make progress with each passing generation.  

Growing up in Detroit, Melody loves to sing and perform in church, with her family and in her community. Her stories are set against both the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement, which was just gaining momentum-and the Motown music scene. 

For November's menu I've pulled a few foods directly from her stories- foods that demonstrate how important family was and illustrate how certain things have not changed all that much since the 1960's. I've also included a short list of popular foods from the era and a few that were introduced right around 1964- foods that are still popular today. 

As always, items in my shop are listed on a first come first served basis on the 15th at 12 noon EST. Below is the final menu list for Tuesday the 15th.  Quantities that will be available are in parenthesis, followed by the prices

Melody's 1964 Foods

Every week Melody's family gathered together after church for Sunday supper. Big Momma's kitchen smelled of baked chicken and homemade rolls. She put the girls to work opening jars of canned veggies. The family sat around the table discussing the new park project and reminiscing about the old days of growing fruit trees back on the farm.

Baked Chicken with Potatoes and Garnishes  (5)   31.00
set includes:
 -whole baked chicken
 -two sprigs of rosemary
 -four small carrots
 -seven cut potato pieces

Potatoes with Cutting Board  (2)  13.00
set includes:
 -wood cutting board
 -five whole potatoes
 -six cut potato pieces

Home Made Clover Leaf Rolls set of Three  (7) 6.00

Melody's mother's triple chocolate cake was so good that Melody couldn't imagine celebrating anything special without it.

Triple Chocolate Layer Cake  (2)   22.00

Singing "Happy Mother's Da-a-ay" Melody, along with her brother and sister, presented her mom with a special Mother's Day breakfast.

Scrambled Eggs with Toast and Orange Juice  (13)   9.00
set includes:
 -cup of juice
 -scrambled eggs
 -toast with butter

School ended and Melody's mom announced that they'd have a "Whatever You Want To Eat" dinner. Lila made bologna and cheese sandwiches, Melody chose cupcakes- which she was allowed to eat before anything else- and her father picked up hamburgers and french fries from his favorite restaurant.

Bologna and Cheese Sandwiches  (6)  7.00

Cupcakes Set of Three  (7)   7.00

Hamburger and French Fries  (8)  14.00

The aroma of Big Momma's pot roast wafted onto the porch.  Melody's sister had arrived home early from college and this time everyone gathered together for Sunday supper- Poppa at one end and Daddy at the other- the way Sundays used to be.

Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots  (2)    27.00
set includes:
 -pot roast
 -nine cut potato pieces
 -eight cut carrots


In my research for foods of the era, I was surprised to learn how many foods and brands introduced in the 1960's endure today and have remained quite popular. Doritos, Lucky Charms, Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup, Spaghettios, Froot Loops, Taco Bell, granny smith apples, Sprite, Pringles, Pop Tarts and Gatorade name only a few.

Jello, which was first introduced back at the turn of the 20th century, continued to enjoy popularity during the 60's. The tastemakers of the day seemed to feel there was no end to the types of foods one could whip or drop into gelatin. Check out this Buzzfeed post for some somewhat alarming combos.

Desserts like tunnel of fudge cake, ambrosia, baked Alaska, Junket, and grasshopper pie were all the rage at the time. I wonder what future generations will think of our salted caramel, cakes in a jar and bacon frosting.

Back in 1964 when Pop Tarts were first introduced they looked much different from the more classic and contemporary version we are familiar with today. For some more interesting Pop Tart history, check out this blog post.

 Pop Tarts 1960's Set of Two   (4)  5.00

Pop Tarts Today Set of Two   (13)   5.50

Bowl of Fruit Loops  (10)  11.00

-please note that the spoon is not included

Lemon Chiffon Cake with Two Slices   (1)  20.00

Lemon Chiffon Triple Layer Torte   (1)  13.00

Grasshopper Pie with Two Slices   (2)   17.00

Grasshopper Pie Slices Set of Two  (4)  6.00

Ambrosia in a Bowl  (4)  12.00

-please note that all pieces are molded together but it is removable from melamine bowl

Tunnel of Fudge Cake with Single Slice  (2)   22.00

Cherry Gelatin  (2)  13.00

Peaches and Cream Gelatin   (2)  18.00

If you have any questions about any of the foods- or anything else- feel free to message me in my Etsy shop or comment here on the blog.