Monday, January 2, 2017


I've begun writing this post about a dozen times- starting then restarting, deleting whole paragraphs, changing phrasing, etc...  Its been difficult mostly because these are words that I had hoped would not need writing. I usually do not struggle for the written word, but I have been doing just that- struggling- these past few days- and months even- and in more ways than just one.  The health issue that sort of sidelined me earlier this year has once again resurfaced and I have been forced to take a longer, deeper look into possible root causes.  Unfortunately it is forcing me once again to take a step back and away from my shop. 

I suspected back in October, when the discomfort returned, that this would be the likely path, that I would need to once again step away, but I did not want to discontinue working- so I pressed through. I wanted to devote a month to Melody and also finish the year off, closing out with something fun- a theme I had always wanted to do... a summer 4th of July picnic. But the holidays came and I realized that I just did not have the energy. I hated disappointing everyone- myself included. Believe me when I say that no one is more disappointed than I am in having to step away.  

This post though, is in no way some kind of final farewell. I hope to continue the blog and do doll product reviews and post about fun doll sized finds when I can, as I am still a collector. I still love tiny things and staging scenes- and photographing the dolls. My shop was a justification and vehicle for that. 

I wish I could acknowledge and thank each person individually who has cheered me on and supported my shop over the past 6 years. Doll collectors are truly one of the the loveliest and most caring group of people I have come to know. 

I've enjoyed every minute of the creative process in my shop- from dreaming up the themes and menu lists to developing techniques and making the foods- to staging and photographing the dolls.  Some of my favorite items I made over the years were client requests. It was always so interesting- and there were times when I relished in the challenge of an unusual request. It was part of that creative process that I enjoyed... and it saddens me more than I can express in words here that I have to discontinue doing what I love. 

I am hoping to be able to come back to my shop at some point, as the thought of closing the doors forever seems absurd to me.  So I'll just say it's an extended hiatus this time and hopefully I can get a handle on the health issue and come back renewed with a fabulous laundry list of foods I have been dreaming up and ready to tackle.

Thank You and Happy New year