Wednesday, November 7, 2018


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Saying Goodbye to Zibbet

Seems its true, that the best laid plans do often go awry.  And so it goes with my new selling platform, Zibbet.  I discontinued listing my monthly sales on Etsy because it was no longer a good fit for my shop and I wanted to expand into other venues. Unfortunately my first month on the new platform was a disaster! I expected potential difficulty navigating a new site on launch day- but I did not expect the road to be littered with potholes!  I had several customers successfully check out on my launch day with the same limited quantity items.  It seems Zibbet allowed items to be over sold!  When I contacted them they basically said "gee we're so sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you".  Sigh.

So it's onto another platform.  I know, not ideal, jumping month to month, platform to platform, especially this time of year. And I apologize to everyone who created accounts on that site and gave them business.  I have moved all of my current listings over to my new Artfire site Hopefully it will be a less bumpy ride over there. 

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